September 20, 2016

Koh Samui, Thailand

Sawadeeka! Ka Pun Ka!

The only 2 words I know in Thai language haha...I have been to Bangkok and Krabi and this time around, we decided to go to Koh Samui. Basically, I have been to Thailand with 3 different groups of people with 3 different types of experiences haha Bangkok was a shopping hub and Krabi was more relaxing by the beach but I would say Koh Samui is a combination of both shopping and beach time.

I love Thailand as a country because of the people, the food and the shopping and going to Koh Samui really reiterated that fact. I enjoyed my vacation very much!

But first, we had to endure 6 hours of journey before we reached Koh Samui >.<

We didn't take a direct flight there instead we took the ferry transit.
And so, our 1 and a half hour flight from KLIA 2 landed at Surat Thani airport where we had to take a bus to the ferry port which took another 1 and a half hours. After reaching the port, we took a 45 minutes ferry ride to reach Koh Samui island. 

The ferry was huge and comfy though.

The seats were good and spacious.

Once reached, we took a van for another 45 minutes to reach our hotel.

In conclusion, we should have taken the direct flight because the journey really drained our energy!

Finally, reached our hotel, Verticolor at Chaweng

This hotel was very good as it is situated near the beach and among the stores for shopping. So everything we wanted, we just needed to walk out.

And we had the family room which was quite huge and comfy.

A cabinet full of toys lol
For children coz it's supposed to be a family room haha

A queen size bed...

...and single bed

Everything was good but just that the room were a bit far to walk to.

That night itself, we walked down the street to the night food junction.
We basically ate like we've never eaten at all haha

Papaya salad.

Salted baked fish.

Crab meat. 

Pork skewer.

Mantis prawn.

Mango sticky rice.

We ate till sooo full!!! Everything was yummy!
The food stalls had so much to choose from and they had the night market to walk around.

Once our tummy were filled, we went for foot massage.

Soo relaxing!

The next day, we explored Chaweng beach.
Okay, let me be frank, Chaweng beach was not as nice. The water had some stingy feeling to it and we kept feeling like something was stinging us in the water which we can't figure what it was.

And so we just relaxed near the beach..

Had my braid done haha

Drank some and just chill.

At night, we went to a restaurant and ordered so much food- again! LOL

We had Pad Thai, Thai omelette, glass noodles, pineapple fried rice, green curry

And of course, our favourite Tom Yum.

Coconut water which is a must when you're in Thailand.

We then explored the night life in Chaweng.

The happening street behind the beach. 

Ark Bar which is the most happening bar by the beach

We partied and danced on the beach til late. It was pre full moon party so it was quite happening.

The next day, we went full on shopping!

Central Festival mall is the biggest mall there which have branded stores as well as small stores.

Along the street, there are also many street stalls to shop around. Gosh, the amount we spent that day was crazy haha we kept buying, buying and buying. Things there were quite cheap especially when you bring your bargaining skills. On top of that, near the mall, they have a night market to buy finger food and shop some more haha

And we love Thailand's 7-Eleven! LOL we practically raided the whole 7-Eleven and bought so much food and snacks from there.

We broke our legs shopping and we had an early night.

The next morning, we woke up at 6.30am for our island hopping tour.
We explored Koh Nang Yuan and Koh Tao.

We took a speed boat to the islands.

The guide warned us that the sea was choppy that day but we didn't imagine it would be THAT choppy. It was one of the bumpiest boat ride ever! And the ride took 1 and a half hours. Once we reached, I still felt my body swaying although we were already on the island haha

But the ride was worth it!

Such beauty! #noedit

Much better than Chaweng beach


We were there for snorkelling and it was really beautiful. I had the best time in this island hopping tour. It was so relaxing to just float on the water and enjoy the calmness.

At night, we went to Chaweng beach to relax and watch the full moon hehe

The fire show was good...

But unfortunately, we sat too near the show and a coal flew right to me and burnt my shirt!


Scratched and grazed my arm as well >.<
So unfortunate to bring this 'souvenir' home. I am so injury prone that wherever I go, I just have bring some bruises home. Ish!

Aside from that, I really had an amazing time in Koh Samui.

5 days was just right and we practically did everything that we wanted to do although we missed the full moon party just by a day but the pre full moon party was not too bad. I was actually quite sick when I came back from India due to diarrhea, gastric and I was having the flu, sore throat, cough and everything just came on me right before I flew to Koh Samui >.<

When I reached, I was also not feeling too well but I guess the beach, the sea and the shopping haha cured me. 

After back to back vacation and weddings, it's full swing back to work.

Til' the next vacay xoxo

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