February 22, 2017

February 2017

Chinese New Year has been one hell of a food adventure!
The amount of food intake I had wass... *speechless* haha until one of the days I had terrible indigestion til I puked and stopped eating the entire day LOL and then after a week that happened, I had food poisoning -.- I went to the toilet wayy too many times that morning until my face was as pale as a ghost til my colleagues got scared and asked me to quickly rest at home >.<

Alright now you would think that I am a glutton *laughs*

But other than that 2 particular days, it was good collecting ang pows, feasting on food, meeting relatives and the sleeping through holidays hehe

Had lunch buffet at Mandarin Oriental, KL on Chor 3

Sushi!! Finally something other than Chinese

Crabs and prawns.
Love seafood but because it was on a bed of ice, it didn't really go well with my tastebuds. I would prefer cooked with sauce >.<

 Bread with condiments.

The dessert selections were loveee <3

 Cute cream cones.

 Sugar pops!

 Fruits selections

 Indian food  =)

The best part during CNY is the endless receipt of goodie bags when people come to visit.

Famous amous is love


All the sweets go to me haha...There's like Ferero Rocher chocolate which didn't manage to capture before it went into everyone's tummy and Sangkaya tub ice cream which I ate too fast to even manage to capture it LOL

Philtre Cafe in Damansara Uptown to take a break from all the Chinese cookies

Mint Hot Chocolate

Then back to Yee Sang!

We ordered takeaway from Naughty Nuri's hehe

Pork ribs! Mmmm...yummy

Milk Cow for dessert

Champagne for the after party

Then, more yee sang with friends

This time at Oriental Pavilion, Jaya 33

I think my 10th or 11th time already tossing the yee sang LOL
The salmon's colour is weird looking though


Roasted duck with corn.

Tauhu dish with abalone.

Fried nian gao.

Food was not too bad at Oriental Pavilion. We were satisfied =)

Then came the 8th day of Chinese New Year- Hokkien New Year

Look at that pig!

The dinners continue with clients..
At my favourite restaurant, Wellcome Seafood Restaurant, Sunway Mentari

Lobster! Raw ones to be dipped into a hot pot and eaten just like that. Very juicy <3

Salted egg prawns and spicy prawns

I would really recommend this restaurant if you are finding for a good Chinese restaurant. Safe to say, I have been around trying out food during this CNY and found out, this served the best dishes with reasonable price.

Dining at Ben's, Jalan Batai

Fine wine with a picked out steak of my choice cooked there and then.

Green tea frappe at Upstairs Cafe, Subang

I also got a chance for the first time to be a bridesmaid for a very good friend.
It was a very fun experience <3

Dolled up for the morning session.

Wedding dinner at Grand Imperial, Sunway

They had quite unique dishes but the most unique one was this.
Can you guess what is it?
It's like fish 'satay' stucked in a pineapple LOL
It's called Japanese ayu fish. Looks weird but tasted not bad.

Fiq's Gastronomy, Subang 

Duck with mashed potato.
Among all, this was my fave!

And dessert!
It's called baked alaska and it's a burst of mango ice cream and mango lava in it. Coupled with the meringue and side nuts, it was a great finish!

Also tried the newest watermelon and lychee bingsu at cafe bene

It's also Valentine's Day in the month of February!
Back to back celebrations these few months lol

Wee, unconventional chocolate bouquet for an unconventional girl like me HAHA

On a different note, have you seen this game in Facebook where people play with whipped cream?

You just turn the 'roller' and if you are 'lucky', the whipped cream hits your face HAHA
We played among 10 people and I was sooo lucky I was the last one standing that didn't get hit hahahahah We played with shaving cream and the whole room was messy after that LOL

Watched XXX: Return of Xander Cage

I have not watched any previous XXX movies but decided to watch this anyway because the trailer looks cool. Ended up this movie is full with stars, hot girls and fightings. No storyline, close to none romance and basically it's a movie to past time and nothing more haha

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