November 18, 2017

Surviving Seoul, Korea Part 2

I survived my 2- week stint in Seoul HAHA

During the weekend, I explored Nami Island. It was super filled with tourists that I do not recommend going on weekends. Maybe weekdays should be better. I took the subway to Gapyeong station and just outside is the bus station to take the bus to the ferry jetty.

Took the ferry to Nami Island. It's only a 5 minutes ferry ride. The to and fro journey plus entrance to Nami Island costs 8,000 won.

Super packed with people.

Finally, reached Nami Island.

Because it's autumn, the scenery was beautiful. I can't tell you how happy I was to be surrounded by beautiful trees and leaves. Nature never made me so happy until I came to Seoul hehe

Oh, everything there was about Winter Sonata. So many references were made to that popular TV drama.

Can't help but to also take a mandatory picture with the poster LOL
Btw, I have never seen that show before >.<

I have always seen pictures of these tall trees virtually and to finally see it, it was really beautiful.

Glass bridge.


I even saw a rainbow on the way back. Can you see it? =)

Had the snowman churros which was one of the best churros I have ever tasted.

Cold cream in it and it was yummylicious.

Thereafter, took the shuttle bus to Petite France. There are a few places you can go using the shuttle bus but I only had time for Petite France. It costs 6,000 won for the bus ride and you can go up and down to those few places listed.

Entrance fee was also 8,000 won which was quite pricey in my opinion.

Mini France.

The mock version of the one in Paris haha

That ended my weekend which was quite exhausting because was walking a lot and the journey was quite far.

Also ate cold noodles which was quite a mistake haha because the weather was already cold and I didn't really like it.

Oh, what's with the craze of Isaac?
Decided to join in on the bandwagon and ordered my very own ham and egg and cheese. I must say, it's their sauce which is a bit sweet so it's very tasty.

I also went to Ewha Woman's University which is a subway stop with the same name.

Shopping here was wayy cheaper than Dongdaemun.

You can get clothes for 5,000 won to 10,000 won which was a steal. I shopped a little here haha

Had the egg bun which was 1,000 won but in Myeong Dong, the same bun costs 2,000 won.

Also, had a grape sweet which was yummy. I really like the street food in Korea.

 Oh, Donald Trump visited Seoul so there were many police officers everywhere but I didn't manage to catch a glimpse of him lol.

I'm also very much in love with Korean's hospitality- the way I'm being treated here and how they try their best to make me comfortable etc.

 There's a seminar which I attended and boy the food they served during 'refreshment' was like a whole afternoon tea buffet spread haha And their food are all healthy and yummy.

Mine =p

The lantern festival was also going on during this period. Saw some really cute lanterns along the river bank.

Fried ramen and tobokki. Yummy! My favourite comfort food. 

The next day I also had a similar food for lunch hehe

Made my own seaweed rice ball.


Koreans also love their after meal coffee/tea.

Went back to Myeong Dong to do some last minute shopping at night and it was super crowded. The Lotte Department Store was also very crowded especially the duty free area. Things were like Free!!

Had soft shell crab here which was 5,000 won- food there are pricey because it's a touristy area.

Starbucks caramel pudding.

Mmm yummy.

 Had lunch the next day in Soobul. Gona miss having so many side dishes in my meal haha

Again, Koreans love their after meal coffee/tea. This Christmas special from Cafe Pascucci is pretty.

Korean BBQ for the last night in Seoul.

It was also Peppero Day and my colleague gave me this. So sweet of her <3 

And that ends my programme in Seoul ='(

Couldn't take the train while carrying 2 bags home so took the aiport limo bus which was wayyy more convenient. It costs slightly expensive with 10,000 won but definitely worth it without breaking my arms climbing the stairs in the subway stations.

Oh and I came back to my Lotte Mart haul waiting for me in my room. It arrived safely! Yay =)

Initially, I was quite afraid to go for this exchange programme. I mean the thought of being in a foreign country seem fun and to experience a new culture looks like a fantastic experience. But just days before boarding the flight, I was starting to get a little cold feet hehe. It's my first time out of my comfort zone. In Malaysia, I have everyone around me and it's the direct opposite when I started this exchange programme. The first two days in Seoul all by myself was a little tough on me. Actually it's quite a contradictory fact because I always wanted to travel solo once in my life. It's been in my bucket list for quite some time. I always thought travelling alone would give me alone time, not having different opinions with my travel partners and it will give me time to think and it's actually right timing because I needed this time to think about my career path decision. However, experiencing it for 2 weeks for real was a rather different experience. I concluded that I could travel alone but maybe just for a few days- definitely not more than 4-5 days by myself LOL

When I touched down in Seoul, the thought of being in Seoul for 14 days seemed quite long and the questions in my mind started to seep in whether was I in the right mind to join this exchange programme HAHA However, as days went by and when I started my orientation and my work there, everything started to be better and I was starting to make friends, socialise a little, going out for lunches and dinners and everyone was so accommodating which really helped. I was starting to enjoy myself and before I knew it, 14 days flew by just like that. On the 13th day I thought, wow where did all the time go? Am I already going back to Malaysia? Funny how on the very 1st day I thought I couldn't even survive 14 days in a foreign country by myself >.< 

The Subway was really easy to travel in. Seoul is also really safe to travel alone. The people were friendly. The working environment was amazing. All these little things really helped in making my stay comfortable. Although Seoul is quite an expensive city to live in, luckily I was there for only 2 weeks otherwise I would have been broke haha

This experience really taught me a lot in many ways. It's also one of the best experience of my life. I was so lucky to be presented with this opportunity and it came at the right time. I have always wanted to experience work and travel and I finally did. I was glad that I jumped on to this opportunity because when else can I ever join an exchange programme ever. The exposure and life lessons I gained from this trip is something I will remember for the rest of my life. I came back with a new sense of independence.

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