February 13, 2020

Anchor tinned butter recipes with Chef Florence

Anchor Food Professionals, the food service arm of Fonterra and Malaysia's celebrity chef, Florence Tan unveiled three specially created recipes for baking and cooking enthusiasts using Anchor tinned butter made with 100% pure New Zealand dairy. The dairy is a product of New Zealand's temperate climate, where cows graze on grass all year round and the hard work and dedication of Fonterra's 10,000 farmer shareholders, whose generations of farming expertise produces nutritious and safe products.

Anchor tinned butter is made with high quality fresh cream and its rich taste and aroma is sealed and preserved in a tin to deliver a great flavour and mouthfeel. With the high quality packaging, it enables easy storage while keeping the butter fresh and silky to enhance both savoury and sweet delicacies- from layered cakes, cookies to nasi kurma and chicken kurma.

One of the familiar faces on TV since long time ago, the ever smiley Chef Florence taught us the recipes with much passion and laughs.

First recipe of the day: Supermoist Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Glace.

Chef Florence showed us the step by step instructions and some tips in between to making a delicious chocolate cake.

Of course, the star ingredient of the day is none other than Anchor tinned butter beated together with castor sugar until light and flurry.

After making the cake batter, we moved on to making the chocolate glace.
While the cake is being baked, we cook the glace and it smelled so good.

Tadah! The cake is now ready.

Now, to turn it upside down.

And spread the glace all over.

It was really moist, yummy and a crowd's favourite.

Next recipe: Pumpkin Cheesy Tart

Using the star ingredient.

Made the dough and shaping it into the tray.

Pumpkin Filling was also made using Anchor products.

I'm not a fan of pumpkin but this one was really yummy!

Then came the exciting part. We were able to hands on make Honey Gold Cornflakes with Almonds.

Everything prepped by TCH Foodworks which was so convenient.

Of course, we must only use the best butter.

Beat them all together.

Meanwhile, the flour and baking powder are sifted.

Mix them all in.

Roll into small balls and coat with cornflakes and pop a cherry on top.

Bake in preheated oven 165 degrees for 18 minutes.

Yay! Done and ready to be eaten.

Not perfect but it was crunchy and delicious =)

Thank you Chef Florence for teaching us!

Each can of Anchor tinned butter contains 454g of pure New Zealand butter, and is available on the shelves of supermarkets mainly at Tesco and baking ingredients shops throughout Malaysia. Choose the best quality butter for cooking and baking that lingers on tongues and in hearts today.

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