April 10, 2020

MCO extended to 28 April in Malaysia

I guess the whole nation was waiting for the news at 4pm eagerly today and there we heard it. As expected, the Movement Control Order (MCO) is now extended until 28 April 2020. Some are rejoicing? (anyone?), some are becoming depressed, some are complaining, some are rotting, while others are fighting with Covid19 upfront tirelessly.

I am torn. While my inner introvert says I can survive this quarantine, but in reality, I want to go back to work, I want to go back to events, I want to feel life outside without wearing the suffocating mask, just want to do a lot of things. But, what we NEED is to stay at home. See the conflict?

So far, we have been quite good at home. We have been looking at the positive side every single day and only good vibes and gratitude. That's the only way to keep moving forward. I'm proud of these things during the MCO:

1. Never once binged on junk food.
I have not bought any junk food during the MCO during grocery shopping and I'm proud to say, we survived without any junk food. We have only eaten homemade desserts, cookies and everything homemade. Because after doing your own baking, you realise how much sugar is needed in a recipe and you never know the amount of sugar those shops are dumping into our desserts. I feel safer eating my own. And we have not gained weight so far. We maintained our weight and do some light exercises at home.

2. Never binge watch any drama/movie after CLOY.
From my previous post, I was hooked on Crash Landing on You. And after that, none came close to its storyline so we never binged watch anything after that. Just one or two movies during the weekend and that's it. I'm proud of this because sometimes, we waste so much time on fiction (though I get it, we need some fiction to live on with the depressing reality) so I rather use my time on more productive things.

3. Learning meditation
I have been researching on meditation during this MCO and have been learning using Youtube videos. I quite like the idea of meditation because it frees the mind and heals your soul. It cancels out the negativity and creates a positive mindset. I have been diligently practicing meditation every day for 10 minutes after waking up in the morning to set my mind in the right frame. I've been loving it so far and plan to continue even after MCO is lifted. 

4. Never really had 'nothing' to do so far
Everyday I wake up with a mission in mind- to keep myself busy. I always have something to do and make myself 'busy' and not just let my mind wander. If I'm done working/cooking, I start reading a book. When I'm bored, I'll try learning new recipes and make them. If I'm inspired, I blog or do video tutorials. So I just let my mood at that day take me to do the things throughout the day but never leaving me just staring at the walls because I think I may go into depression.

5. Never need to rely on maggi mee
This is what I'm proudest of. Since I am never a good cook, I thought by day 14 I would have given up and just eat maggi/Grab. But, I kept going and it's now day ermm 23? and we have yet to rely on Maggi/ Grab. Probably ate Maggi once and used Grab three times? So far, so good. Eating at home is also healthier and at least I know what I'm putting into my food. But I'm also running out of ideas haha so maybe after this, it's different LOL

Little gratitude makes all the difference! Find something that keeps you positive everyday. We would be in quarantine for 1 and a half months. Stay safe always and stay positive xx 

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