August 31, 2021

Food galore in EMCO, FMCO, MCO???

Honestly, I am not sure what MCO we're in at the moment. Okay, maybe the word MCO is no longer in use. We're in NRP Phase 1 going on Phase 2 apparently since most adult citizens have been vaccinated *rolls eyes* yet numbers are on all time high with death cases still quite high. But anyway, I am here to talk about food which is less depressing and more enjoyable as usual, during MCO(s), I am quite creative in the kitchen. But since this time, I have started going out for work, I have lesser time in the kitchen and that means a bit more of takeaways because somehow my creativity juice is also deteriorating on what to cook on a day to day basis lol....When can life go back to normallll -.-

So, I managed to still whip up brunch and dinner on weekdays and on weekends, I hang my apron...

I have a liking towards chicken thigh/chicken fillet at the moment because it's so versatile and easily cooked with sides to make a complete meal. Isn't this so healthy? hehe

On one of those days, I have been craving for cold cuts because I think it's been like 3 months since we dined out and cold cuts are hard to get at my nearby supermarkets. Stumbled La Spiga in Sama Sama Lokal in Maybank and bought from them with a good discount (steal!) and plated my most amazing platter to date #kasichance This definitely satisfied my cold cuts cravings!

Was also craving for Mr Dakgalbi style chicken with ramyeon and again, had to whip this out myself coz still can't dine out at the moment for me (will only be double vaccinated come September). Purposely bought the Gojuchang sauce to make this haha

Got a chilli oil pasta recipe from Youtube and made it. Gosh, it was so good! The secret? It's a dollop of peanut butter to make it creamy and nutty.

Healthy poke bowls. I'm quite happy assembling my own poke bowls these days. Outside poke bowls cost a bomb. So much more cost effective to make one at home. Ingredients include:
-Hard boiled eggs
-Cold cuts

Need to amp up our immunity with Covid cases on the rising. Made my very own tonic soup with Chinese herbs(store bought).

Had some leftover marshmallows and decided that I want burnt marshamallows like those on BBQs. But, since no gatherings allowed which means no BBQ, I did my own burnt marshmallow with oven/airfryer hahahha

Paired with a cracker so that it's not overly sweet. Super yummy!

Also, worked well on bread. Gona buy more to replace my BBQ marshmallow cravings LOL

I also sucessfully made my very own pizza at home. Yes, never thought this would happen but it happened thanks to TikTok! I really learnt quite a few recipes from TikTok. I also learnt to make baked oats from TikTok haha

Made pizza on a store bought paratha. This was with a runny egg,

This was without egg, Both turned out equally yummy and finished within minutes!

On to yummy food from deliveries. This round of MCO, we indulged in quite a bit of desserts because I really miss dining out to eat desserts =( Cold desserts are much better eaten out just the same as hot desserts. Deliveries are just not the same. But, I must say, so many bakers out there had their thinking cap on during MCO and came out with fresh new products and yummy delicacies. Bravo to them and me, as a consumer is quite easily influenced hehehe

Sandolicious from The Studio
The Studio is no stranger to me. I have eaten their creative butter(s) before and loved them. So, when they launched these yummy Sandos, I knew I had to get my mouth in them LOL. This one is Truffle Sea Salt Sando- butter crammed into a cracker sandwich. So good because I am a truffle lover and their butter is to die for.

Tea Sandwich Cookie from Bu Tian
I saw the hype on instagram and it is always almost sold out. I purposely waited for the time they launched in a particular day in Beepit to get my hands on them. But unfortunately, it didn't click with my tastebuds. I am a matcha lover but their cookies were a tad dry for one and the insides were not as melty as Sandolicious.

Their cakes however...

...were the clear winners. They inititally started off famous for their cakes and I understood why now. It was creamy, full of flavour and was really moist. I got the Matcha and Black Sesame flavour. We absolutely destroyed both- so good!

Coffee Bean had a buy 1 free 1 day and I couldn't miss out on that deal hehehe...I realised their lattes were really good, although I'm not much of a coffee drinker. I don't like to buy overly priced drinks so I only buy to try during offers.

Wagyu fried rice from Taka Ushi. Overly priced and wouldn't have ordered if not gifted. Had the gyoza too which was a disappointment but the wagyu fried rice is not bad.

Saw the hype on The Daily Broth's bone broth and you need to pre-order 3 weeks in advance to get a slot. Of course, I had to try then to see what it was all about lol plus it has so much health benefits. Bought 10 bottles(which came with a free bag and also because it was free delivery above 10 bottles). It came at the right time because both of us got sick around the time it arrived, and it really helped in giving us the nutrients since we had no appetite. Bought 10 bottles straight, and we finished in 5 days. So yummy, so good but the price is on the high end.

My BFF recommended Luna Luna because there was an offer and it seemed yummy. Since I'm easily influenced and a sucker for good deals, I tried them out.
Their spicy chicken definitely has a spicy kick to it. Very underrated. Must Try for spicy lovers.

Their Pepperlicious pasta was good too. I was surprised since I never heard of them before though.

Their cempedak dessert was da bomb. Cempedak lovers, please try. It's a dessert with cempedak filing. So yums.

I was also very influenced when I saw many people started talking about Figs fruits. Never heard and tried one before so was intrigued. Then I ordered from Figara 11 and it took like few weeks before I got my order coz they were out of stock. Gosh, some people's business really boomed during MCO hahaa

Finally got mine and now I understood what's the hype all about.

The Figs were soft, ripe, juicy and sweet. But, the price is on the high side. It has a lot of benefits as well.

I wanted to eat bagels one of the days. Park's Bagels was a bit too far for me. So, we tried Christine's Bakery bagels.

Truffle Cream Cheese Bagels. I find the cream cheese bagels in Park's Bagels way better.

However, this BLT-C was reallly goood...the flavours blended really well together and it was very fulfilling. Would love to try more of their other bagels. Price again is on the high side.

Was on the way to work and stumbled upon fried sweet potato balls food truck.
Of course had to get them. So long didn't try, one shot got 20 balls. Hahaha

Again, stumbled along another food truck, Sio Roti.
They serve hot buns made on the spot. It's basically roti with different toppings. What I like about them is they adapted to MCO eating lifestyle where they provided us gloves, sticks, fork etc to make it easy for us to eat in the car because it must be eaten hot.

Had the famous Klang Regent's Pandan Layer Cake.
First time trying can you believe it hahaha...It's very fragrant and flavourful, Would want to try more of the other flavours.

Since we were in Klang for the hubs' vaccination, might as well try the famous food here lol...another one is this Apple Strudel from Fruity Bakery. 

OMG, the best apple strudel we ever had. Will definitely re-purchase if we're in the area.

Tried Abdang Adek nasi kukus. Sorry, they do not have bling on their packaging, it's my filter lol

Really miss good Malay outside food and this one really made up for it. Their Ayam rendang and their ayam kicap were really good. Price is also reasonable.

Since, it's mooncake season, wanted to get mooncake for ourselves but we don't like those traditional skin and traditional flavours.
When I saw Tai Thong had Lychee Mint in snowskin, I immeditaly grabbed it.

Mint was not very prominent but there's definitely lychee flavour. Quite impressive and unique.

Cempedak ice cream from Inside Scoop is my favourite flavour =)

Lemon Cream Tart from 93 Bakery.
Just the right balance of sweet and sourness which was really good!

Have you heard of secret food exchange where you and friends draw lots and send his/her favourite food to the recipient without letting the other know who is the giver. It was soo much fun doing that with my friends.

My "secret" friend gifted me a whole box of croffle (croissant + waffle), tiramisu cake and mocha drink from Today's by Dalton cafe. 

This croffle dessert is quite the hype these days. It has a chewy texture and yummy! Loved it. Thanks, friend =)

This is the most personalised cookie box I have ever received.
My friend got it from The Alcoholic Baker. The wooden thing even has my name on it!!

And can even personalise message OMG too sweet!
The cookies were sooo good, the best I ever had. The alcohols were separated as dips so it's not too overwhelming and the choc chip cookies were the winner as it has choc chunks in it with different layering yet not too sweet. Loved loved all of it <3 Will definitely re-purchase as gifts for others after this.

The amount me and my friends spent in a weekend towards the economy just for food exchange LMAO

Got to say, when there were hits, there were misses too.

Bought some desserts from Kakiyuki and it was a disappointment.
These ice cream cakes were a total letdown. No flavour one and no taste. Not cheap you know. We spent like RM70 in Kakiyuki(even after discount from Sama Sama Lokal) yet we received something quite poorly done. 

The Anmitsu Bowl was also blehh...the only saving grace was the black sesame ice cream.

One ad that kept popping out was the one from Memorie Cafe. And they kept advertising this chicken curry bun. It's been years since I had one and again, was craving for it. These FB algorithms are so smart, they know what I was craving for LMAO.

Coffee was good.

Coconut shake was good as well.

However, their Devil Curry Bun was a disappointment. It was advertised as being spicy. However, it was not and felt it was slightly tangy instead. Too bad, still haven't found a curry bun to satisfy my cravings.

The egg tarts though..definitely made up for the disappointment in the curry bun. These were one of the best portugese egg tarts we had.

After all that eating, gotta do some detox LOL
This Float detox was one of the most effective detox drink I ever had(if you know what I mean by effective) LOL..drink at night, next day it's all going down the drain HAHAHA

How are you coping this round? Ready to dine in yet after double doses? Are we ready for a fully opened economy? Well, I just pray and hope the cases go down and we can go out safely again. It's like a freaking Bird Box movie! To better days ahead!

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