August 11, 2022

Book recommendations 2022

I have been such an avid reader this year. I have probably read more books than any other years before this and mind you, we are not even nearing the end of the year yet. It's probably because I'm in a new place, new environment, living a different life than what I'm used to back in Malaysia and still finding my balance in this new country. I was probably seeking ideas, seeking fresh mindset, new goals, intention or purpose through these books. I also realised fictional books do not appeal to me this year. I couldn't even finish one fictional book. Normally, my previous fictions were an escape of my reality but this time around, I wanted to my face reality and how to improve it hahaha.. These are some of the great books I read this year and would definitely like to recommend these to you.

Written by a psychotherapist, this was my first book talking about people in therapy and how even the author had to go to therapy herself. This goes to show that everyone struggles and yes, if you're going for therapy, perhaps your own therapist need therapy- it's confusing I know. This book is the best of both worlds about the author describing her own patients and depicting her own experience in therapy. It's quite an interesting write up; sometimes funny, sometimes heart breaking but overall goes on to show that everyone is just human.  

Jamie Kern Lima is one determined successful woman. Of the many years she struggled before IT Cosmetics became hugely popular, she truly deserves her fame and wealth today. She is hardworking, has a never give up attitude and if you're feeling bleh, pick up this book to read a chapter, your day would not feel so bleh anymore LOL She is down to earth and it just goes on to show that hardwork pays off at the end of the day.

Rachel Hollis is another one badass entrepreneur. Rachel exposes lies and misconceptions that sometimes hold us back from really just living our life to the fullest. She basically opened up herself and showed the world, the real her and that's what made her touch the hearts of many people who read her book and became a best selling author. Her stories are raw and straight from the heart and is very empowering.

Took me long enough to finally pick this book up. I have heard many great reviews about this book by Matthew McConaughey and finally got myself to read this. It was really captivating and I could now understand why so many people gave great reviews. Matthew has always been a really great actor on screen but throughout his life, he always felt lost from time to time. This book is about his journey, his travels, how he found the love of his life, many life lessons learnt along the way and basically a peek into his life because he has always been quite secretive about it in media. It just goes on to show that all the money and fame can't buy happiness if you're lost and still haven't found your purpose in life but he, too did not find his purpose until much later in life.

I know this is an old book and I'm probably one of the late ones to read this. I don't know why I have never read this before(probably because stories about death did not appeal to me) but then one friend brought this book up and said how good it was and then after reading, I couldn't put this book down. Professor Morrie was depicted as such a kind hearted guy that by the end, I was tearing when he passed on. There were good lessons to learn from this book from the perspective of a dying man. 

After watching Netflix's American Underdog, I couldn't help but wanted to learn more about Kurt Warner because he was portrayed as a person with confidence and full of determination, yet not cocky and someone with a lot of faith in God. This book is about his story of being drafted into the NFL and finally became MVP and one of the greatest quarterback. His journey was so harsh in the initial stage but he persevered. He did not give up on his dream to play in the NFL throughout so many obstacles and he is one person I could conclude- 'mind over matter'. His mental strength is so strong and his love for his then girlfriend, now wife's children from her divorce just gives me goosebumps. He is just a really good role model, in my opinion.

Dr Samantha Boardman is a psychiatrist and her experiences with her patients and how she does not use the old method of just prescribing medicine for mental health is interesting. Rather than disengaging from the world while you "find yourself," instead we should boost our vitality by living well within the world by engaging and connecting with others or basically just go out there. For those introverts, this book is for you to see the different side of a coin. I'm a person who just loves to 'chill' at home and can basically be with myself with minimal social interaction but this book came in a timely manner where I was not in a very good time in my life and this book totally changed my perspective and instilled a different standpoint and attitude in me and I totally came out of the whatever 'meh' stage I was in my life- because of this book!

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