October 26, 2022

Hotel Regent Phu Quoc

 Our vacation in Hotel Regent Phu Quoc was one of the best relaxing vacation we ever had so far! We specifically chose Hotel Regent Phu Quoc because they are newly built and reviews so far were promising. Initially, we have never heard of Phu Quoc. But after some research for island holiday, I came across write ups on Phu Quoc in Vietnam. And after extensive findings, we finally chose our island holiday destination to be Hotel Regent and we had no regrets =)

The journey however was a bit tiring. We took Vietnam Airlines from Kuala Lumpur thinking that Vietnam Airlines should be more trusted without delays instead of Vietjet or AirAsia. Boy, were we wrong! Looks like all airlines are the same ='( Vietnam Airlines delayed our flights many times. Vietnam Airlines didn't have a direct flight so there's a layover in Ho Chi Minh. We had to take 2 flights to and fro and it caused many delays. Definitely preferred a direct flight.

Finally, we only reached Phu Quoc at 7pm at night. I was a bit tired and pissed. We were supposed to arrive around 3pm but due to the delays, we were unable to enjoy more of the facilities. Nevertheless, luckily Hotel Regent is only a 15 minutes drive from the airport. Super plus point. And they stationed some people at the airport to pick you up and we were picked in a Mercedes. From then onwards, everything was a perfect holiday!

During check in, they gave us some drinks and snacks. They upgraded us due to my husband's IHG membership and were very attentive towards our needs.

We checked into our room and they already prepared so many things for us.
Fruits platter.

Wine in ice bucket.

Desserts and cake and even wished us for our anniversary. Actually, it's dating anniversary- I have not been married that long hahaha

Stocked with complimentary snacks.

Fridge was also stocked with complimentary drinks.

There is a huge pantry. There's even a dishwasher in there LOL

Our super comfortable bed.

Bathtub! Plus they even prepared bath salts in 2 different scent =)

But the best thing about our room was the infinity pool!
Our room was the Sky pool Villa.

In the morning, you can just chill on the side bed and enjoy the view.

At night, you can listen to music and have some drinks and desserts hehe

After freshening up, we headed to Rice Market restaurant to have our dinner. We ordered Peking Duck for the both of us. But since the Peking Duck needed some time which was understandable, the waitress apologised and served us some snacks compliments from the chef =')

Different level service. The fries were super crispy too!

Our peking duck was just *chef's kiss*

So many condiments and sauces to complement the duck.

Yes, the chef was there to slice it for us there and then.

Then there's second round of serving, using the duck meat to cook with noodles. Oh so yummy! Our dinner was absolute bliss! First night there and we were already impressed.

We then headed to their speakeasy bar, Fu Bar.
We ordered cocktails based on gemstone colour. So cool!

It was quiet, peaceful and the bartender attended to us very well and even served more complimentary snacks.

The next day, we headed to the beach. The beach is actually not a private beach and it's 150km long and it's shared with other hotels. But no one really crosses over and it's like our own private beach. As you can see, there's really no one there and it's very serene and servers will serve you water or refreshing drinks almost immediately. Their service must be given 5 stars.

At breakfast, there's ala carte menu and buffet. We ordered some of these from ala carte:
Bo Ne. Vietnamese steak with egg and banh mi bun. This was really good.

Scrambled eggs.

Quinoa with cucumber salad. Their presentation skill is another level!

Also why I said their service is impeccable. I actually ordered soft boiled eggs. But somehow, maybe Vietnamese don't really eat soft boiled eggs. The waitress couldn't really understand what it was so she asked me if I had a picture of it. I showed her a google pic and she took a pic with it and said she will show it to her chef to make for me. I thought it would be a lot so I said, it's fine, I'll just get a different type of egg instead. But she told me, No, No, she will get the chef to make me soft boiled eggs. 
And wa-la, 4 soft boiled eggs appeared on my table. Omo, my heart <3 I felt so happy that they really went all out.

The buffet spread was also quite extensive.

The Korean garlic cream cheese bun was to die for. I probably had 7 in my 3 days there hahaha

Banh Mi station.

They have different seafood with curry everyday.

Cheese platter.


As if we didn't have enough to eat, we went to the Regent Club lounge to eat more LOL. Our room entitled us to enjoy Club lounge benefits meaning all drinks and food in the menu are provided for.

So many drinks to choose from!

We had gin & tonic all day everyday. If you have followed me, you would know we are fans of gin & tonic and every holiday we stick to G&T hehehhe

They even had a set up of a super cool monopoly board ready for you to play. We just chilled, drank and played board games.

Their food in the lounge also need presentation hahaha This is a scallop dish. Too pretty to eat.

Wagyu sando.

Tuna sashimi dish.

Quinoa salad.

At 3-5pm, there's also afternoon tea! Just nice to enjoy the sun setting while having tea time.

Or a glass of cocktail on the pool bed.

Or while swimming in the infinity pool at the lounge area.

For dinner, they served some day special canapes.

We also had lamb rack.

We were so fuullll by the end of the day hahahha

The next day, we needed to do some exercise >.<
They had this super cute water tricycle. I think everyone should try this once. It was so fun!!

The entire resort was very instagrammable.

Refreshing mocktails were served whenever we're seated on pool beds.

They also conducted some sound healing meditation and we signed up for it.
But ended up my husband slept and snored while I was trying so hard to control my laughs LMAO

The next day, we tried a different breakfast spread. We probably tried different things on the menu every single day hehe

Poached egg dishes.



We also tried their spa.

This sand bed therapy came from Germany and it's the only one in the entire Vietnam. The sand bed keeps the body warm and it's good for blood circulation. You will feel warm in this bed while massage happens and I loved every bit of the massage. It was so good and relaxing!

At night, we went to Ocean Club and sat on the pool bed over the waters and had pizza.
Truffle pizza <3

Everything was just perfect. They call you by names and cater to all your needs. We were very impressed and overall really happy with their service.

The only thing I would say is that, normal beach resort will have straw bags for us to bring out to the beach, however, Hotel Regent didn't have and alternatively, they just gave us a paper bag LOL So we were bringing this around the resort LMAO

But again, they made up with their service. They even sent us back to the airport and took our bags until immigration. She waited for us to check in and made sure all documents were in order and said bye bye to us.

Thank you Hotel Regent for an amazing vacation <3

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