January 3, 2016

Year 2016

First of all, Happy New Year to everyone =)

How was New Year's Eve? I was probably among one of you people crowding around KL area, partying till the wee hours of 2016 hehe

Was just going through 2015 in a flash and I realised last year was the year I travelled the most! It was indeed great adventures, with great cultures, met awesome people and had so many new experiences. For overseas, I went Krabi,Thailand, Hanoi,Vietnam and Bandung, Indonesia. I also went on short trips around Malaysia to MalaccaTadom Hill ResortIpoh, Sibu, Sarawak, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Kluang, Johor and even tried Airbnb at Verve Suites, KL. I was truly thankful that I had the opportunities to do so and I am looking forward to many more travelling experiences in the future.

2015 is also the year where weddings were aplenty! I am at the age where many of my friends are getting hitched. It's the 'getting married' phase and it continues in 2016. This January itself, I have 3 weddings booked in my calendar LOL.

I have so much to thank for last year as I was very blessed with many opportunities, be it work related, non work related or blog related. I thank all those who put much confidence in me and believed in me in the things I did even when I thought I couldn't. I definitely learnt a lot and they were all very valuable lessons. And also, not forgetting, thank you dear readers for supporting me all these years =')

I have also learnt something about myself- Love is something I will never compromise. No matter how busy I am, no matter how difficult my life is at that time and no matter how hurt I am, love still comes first. My family(immediate and ones close to my heart) will always be my number one priority, and those that will stay with me through the thickest and the thinnest. Nothing comes in between me and them and this will remain the same forever.

I also gave a lot of thought in my career and if last year was about finding my passion, experimenting and learning new things in work, this is the year that I fulfil my long time goals, create more stability in my career and becoming an adult. I have a very specific goal that I'm looking forward to and there's no turning back to it *crosses fingers and toes*

I was mostly going with the flow of my life last year without putting much thought on what will the future hold. That is because I was still in a phase of neither here nor there. I was experimenting with many new things, experiencing new stuffs on a daily basis whether it's work or non work related and was mostly on party mood hehe However, this year will be different. I will no longer be pushed into doing things I'm not comfortable doing, I will put my foot down if I truly believe in something, I also have better say in things now and I hope to move out from my comfort zone and be a better career woman. Here's to a year of self improvements!

2016 will be different, I can feel it. Now, I just need to live it =)

Here's hoping all of you will have a better year ahead!

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