January 27, 2016

Refinity Acne Hydrogel

I have been battling acne ever since high school. Even up to now, I still have adult acne especially at the time of the month. This is what girls have to go through *sobs* Lucky for me, I found Refinity's Acne Hydrogel to cure my monthly breakouts.

Why is this Hydrogel super effective? Because it contains Salix Alba Extract that works 3 times faster to cure acne. In addition, it works fast to repair skin cells so that there won't be any visible scarring.

A breakthrough formula derived 100% from Salix Alba Extract, Refinity works by enhancing the body's natural defenses to eliminate bacteria, reduce sebum and inflammation and repairs damaged skin cells caused by acne.

A very classy metallic silver bottle. 

After lightly washing the face, pump one pump onto finger and massage gently onto affected area. Use 2 times daily, every morning and night. See results in just 24 hours.

The gel is clear and transparent so it would not leave a mark on the skin. Besides, there's no pungent scent and there's just a slight minty herb smell. When applied, there's some cooling sensation.

Suitable for all skin types as it is made of natural herbs so those with sensitive skin can use this product as well.

I have been using this product for one week and I have seen great results!

BEFORE(left) and AFTER (right) 
Just after a day, my acne size has reduced. 

After a week, it disappears without leaving any scar. This is good for emergency. Like a day before any event and that darn zit has to pop out! You know which product to look for =)

The 15ml bottle can last for a month if consistent day and night usage. 

1 15ml bottle costs RM90 for West Malaysia and RM100 for East Malaysia.

For more info on products and testimonials, please visit their website: www.Refinity.com.my

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