April 15, 2016

Batman vs Superman

So who won?

Wonder Woman did.

Honestly, all the bad reviews you have been hearing about this movie is true.
Unfortunately, this blockbuster was a disappointment.

Between Batman and Superman, Wonder Woman stole the show! You would have seen her in the Fast & Furious movies. Gal Gadot exudes confidence, posh, sexiness and a really hot woman heroine! I am definitely eager to watch the Wonder Woman movie.

Sorry about the digression. Now, back to this movie, the plot was bad, the storyline was worst, the scenes were confusing and I really cannot believe I am finding so much fault in this movie which I have been so eager to watch previously.

Ben Affleck, my all time favourite let me down this time. They shouldn't have compressed so much into one movie. And the reason Batman was fighting Superman was ridiculous. I.just.cant.

My rating: 2 stars
1 for Wonder Woman and 1 more because I love Ben Affleck though he acting in a bad storyline couldn't salvage the movie.

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