October 25, 2016

ezbuy- buy the world for you

I know almost everyone's going crazy with Taobao. In fact, I have heard so much about Taobao but have never actually shopped in Taobao because it's all in Chinese! When I step into the page, my eyes go @.@ Yes, I know I'm Chinese but I can't read or write Chinese or even speak proper Chinese for that matter LOL

Now with ezbuy you can shop Taobao with 4x savings AND the website is in English! Phew..no need to google translate everything especially when it is not even accurate XD ezbuy specialises in overseas (China, Taiwan, USA) purchasing, logistics and international shipping. 

They have a local company here meaning they have a local customer service to go back to unlike Taobao. I heard some bad reviews about dishonest sellers but with ezbuy you don't have to worry as you have after sales support for wrong order, damaged parcel or missing parcel.

Some other benefits include:

- Flexible pick up/delivery option
There are so many options for pick up or delivery for people in East and West Malaysia

-Sales! Nuff' said

- Lowest international shipping fee. 
It's only RM4.50/500g & No agent fee

-Variety of shipping methods for almost every kind of purchase
-H-U-G-E variety of products

Seriously, you can buy gift wrappers here?!

Specific category for Foodie phone cases. Now, that's interesting!

And the best part, is the Prime benefit.

ezbuy Prime is a subscribed membership programme exclusive to ezbuy existing customers. The membership fee is RM188 per year and this enables you to enjoy the Prime member only benefits for one whole year. ezbuy Prime member enjoys RM8.80 UNLIMITED international shipping. Regardless of the items’ total quantity, weight or size, the total international shipping fee is RM8.80 net per checkout for Prime eligible items. There’s no limit on how many items you can check out at one time.

Agent fee is charged for order processing and inspection, parcel consolidation and packaging, exporting and importing document, etc. Prime member can enjoy the lowest 4% agent fee rate for Prime eligible items, regardless of the current member level (normal, VIP or SVIP).

ezbuy Prime member enjoys free insurance up to RM2000 per parcel to cover unfortunate incident like parcel loss, damage or product issues listed in the inspection coverage.

Millions of items are eligible for Prime RM8.80 unlimited shipping. These items are marked as “Prime” on product page. It covers a wide range of products, from bulky furniture, heavy fitness equipment to the latest collections of apparels. Items from USA, China or other countries merchants are continuously reviewed and added in every day.

Okay, breathe in...

Register HERE and get free RM15 voucher to start shopping!

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