September 12, 2017

Walking in Beijing, China

My trip to Beijing was filled with mixed feelings haha. This was a rather unique trip I would say because I have never gone on a trip to specifically sight see. If you see my previous trips, I am a person who likes going to beaches, shopping, having good food and just chill and relax.

This however, was a rather tiring trip because we walked so much that we could feel it in our legs and most of us were dead tired by the end of each day and feet were sore and some even had blisters -.- Felt like I went for a marathon and came back hahaha

So anyway, we took MAS and it was an evening flight. 6 hours flight and we reached Beijing at midnight.

The flight to and fro was filled with much turbulence. Like you could really feel the plane bouncing.

Curry fish on plane. Yummss! Loved that brownie <3 Food on the way back sucked though.

China immigration. The immigration place to enter China was fast and easy. The one going back was filled with much frustration as it was superr long and we had to be checked like 2-3 times. We were already super tired at that point in time that it angered and frustrated us.

We stayed at an airbnb. Iris Place to be exact and it was rather secluded that the taxi man almost couldn't find it. We almost regretted booking it online when we saw the exterior.

Lucky for us the inside was wayy nicer and cozy. And yes it was hard to drive in but through walking, it's near the train station and some food shops so we were relieved about that hehe

Huge teddy bear greeted us!

Nice pantry to cook and eat

We booked our room for the next night but since it was midnight, we needed a place to stay so we topped up and got ourselves 2 rooms to sleep in first before we all moved in to 1 room.

First time sleeping on a double decker bed. I took the top one and since it was my first time, I was careful not to fall down haha

Another hidden bed inside. Those claustrophobic can't sleep there hehe

Toilet was clean and nice!

The next day, 5 of us moved into one room. We initially thought it would be big but we were kinda disappointed that it was rather small and 5 people had to share 1 toilet >.<

But luckily we survived lah. Coz we only needed the room to sleep as we were out on most nights.

Also, there's a rather nice patio to chill at night.

Overall the accommodation was not bad and it was around RM100 per person but perhaps it's better for us to book 2 rooms to accommodate all of us.

The next day, our journey started. Firstly, in Beijing everything is in Chinese so if you do not know Mandarin, it will be hard for you, let me be serious, like everything is in Chinese. Also, you will need to download an app to get a cab so you can't just hail a cab from the roadside. We did not download the app, so everything was by train or by leg. Lucky for me, in my group, some of them could speak and read Mandarin. That was the most important!

Get a map of the subway as you will need to change train many times to reach your destination. If you do not know what line, which train and what station, gone case. I don't think I could survive in Beijing alone haha

So anyway, we asked for directions, knew which line to take and what station was our destination so we proceeded with the train.

Train cards.

Everything was rather systematic though. Once you know, you will know and it'll be easy to travel. We got used to it on the last day but it was time to go back already LOL

First place we visited was the Temple of Heaven.

Yup, we walked all the way to see T-H-A-T. That's it. You can't go inside nothing. Only T-H-A-T.

It was summer time and it was sunny and hot and we were kinda sweating and we walked and climbed and after seeing that, we looked at each other. So now what? LOLOLOL
Sorry, I am not the kind of person who appreciates architecture, buildings, ancient stones bla bla bla. Some more I don't really watch Chinese dramas, and I suck at China history so I didn't really enjoy.

After that, we went to Dashilar street. There was some shopping at the entire street and much to eat. My food compilation is below so you can scroll down later.

Let me warn you, it's a rather long street so we also walked til dead tired.

A lot of food stalls so can stop by to eat while you shop.

One day of walking and we had to go for food massage haha
Just couldn't already >.<

But after that, my legs felt much better.

We retired for the day and woke up to another long day of walking.
This time we went to the Forbidden City.

Once you enter, you cannot walk back. Coz there's only one entrance and the exit is some 6-7 km away LOL

Yeap, that's all you see inside. It's all the same looking building. There are probably like 20 plus of the same looking building where some is for the emperor to stay, for meeting, for dining etc etc etc and no, you can't go inside as well.

After that, we went to this place called 'Hu Dong' where is a street which sells street food all the way. Again, for food please scroll below.

Now, the next day is what we came for. To see the Great Wall of China. Because we walked so much the previous 2 days, we couldn't walk up already. So we took the cable car.

But luckily we took the cable car, because actually after taking it, there's still a lot more to walk.

My goodness, reached somewhere halfway and couldn't go already >.<

There are a few spots and we took the Mutianyu stop. It was nice for sightseeing.

The steps were very steep and high okay. Make sure you train climbing steps before coming haha. Some of us couldn't make it at all coz it's way too steep.

But, finally managed to tick one more seven wonders of the world from my bucket list. It was rather long and quite humanly impossible to build but yeah it was a sight to see. I was glad I came for this! If you want to visit Beijing, this is the only place I would recommend for sight seeing.

Oh, the going down part was fun.

We used the slide to go down. It was really fun especially with our group of friends hehe

Next, we went to visit the Bird Nest stadium.

And the aquatic stadium opposite it.

The very next day, it was our last day and just wanted to chill and go shopping. We went to Sanlitun. It was quite a high end area and there were bars surrounding it.

We didn't shop much but we ate quite a lot there at the restaurants and cafes.

So, food wise in China was mixed. Some were nice, some was quite weird to my tasting and all the candy and snacks bought in packets were also very weird.

Jajang mian was very famous there but taste one

The fruit sweet was nice!

Pecking duck is very famous. It is a MUST eat when you're there. Unfortunately or fortunately, we went to the most famous and expensive one.

5 people and the bill came to RM400++

You eat it as a wrap.

Their 'Lays' also quite weird. Cucumber flavour but still okay to me.

Their maggi mee had this preserved egg. I ate one bite and threw it away haha but the mee tasted good.


Siew Long Pau. Yums!

Custard bun.

Mango pudding.

At 'Hudong', we spent so much money on street food. It was not cheap but we saw food and like didn't eat for many years hahaha


Was sooo good with the ice cream.

Cute ice but ermm no taste hehe

Super yummy bakery

Mango drink which was overrated.

Super big siew long pao.

You need straw to drink the 'soup' haha

Pecking duck wrap.


Potato chips.

I even 'blow' my own candy!

It's supposed to be a goat because I was born in the goat year.

Tsing Tao

Hot pot in this place called 'Gui Jie'. Gui Jie is also a street filled with restaurants. Beijing people love to eat but there are not fat-probably due to all the walking they had to do everyday lol

Fro yo

Flower chocolate ice cream.

I ate so much dessert that all my walking didn't lose me any weight also -.-

Everyone in Beijing was drinking this yoghurt thing... we jumped onto the bandwagon hehe. It tasted alright.

We couldn't tahan Chinese food already so we went to Japanese food at Sanlitun haha

Chicken cutlet

Pork with egg. Ohh I loved this!

Then we went to a cafe for healthy food. That's my acai bowl =)

Margarita for happy hour.

Tried McDonald's. The menu is almost the same as Malaysia's.

The only difference is they have this chicken cutlet which we all fell in love. It was super yummy!

They have different dessert as well.

After all the food fest, I concluded that luckily we walked on average 13km per day otherwise where to burn all the fats? Haha...and I only survived because...

..of my favourite shoes! (This is not an ad for Adidas) Lucky me, I brought my most comfy shoes and managed to walk without blisters for the 4 days we were there! On average we walked around 18,000 steps per day. Good thing, my shoes saved my feet! But my legs were still sore from all the strain of walking.

Overall, I would say the Great Wall of China was worth going there for. It's an experience! If you noticed, I didn't really eat much authentic Chinese food but I did enjoy eating at all the food street. The food were quite pricey probably because we only went to touristy areas and they hiked the prices. The train was very efficient and it took us to all the places we wanted.

However, the toilets were OMG especially at the Temple of Garden. We couldn't take it. Mostly in Beijing were squatting toilets which was super not convenient. One time, we had to enter a hotel just to use their toilet hahaha That's the only thing I cannot tahan.

September was summer so it was rather hot. At night, it was breezy and cool but not until you need a jacket. However, in the afternoon the sun was flaming.

Other than that, if you're planning to go Beijing, be prepared to W-A-L-K!!

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  1. Beijing always in my bucketlist, guess i need to learn mandarin first then. Haha.