August 30, 2017

August adventure

August is definitely a better month towards the end =)
And I will be travelling again soon. Yay!!

So here's my food adventure this month:

Nihonkai, Old Klang Road. First time time here.

Sashimi platter. Yummy!

Their food was generally good and I loved it. Their service was slow though and finding parking was hard.

Matcha ice cream for dessert.

Thereafter, we drove 5 minutes away to Little People.

The nutella pie was da bomb. Two thumbs up for it.

Starbucks came up with their new drink and this acai berry drink is very much recommended.

Back to my fave Japanese restaurant in SS15, Jyu Raku.

Specially ordered Wagyu beef air flown from Japan which literally melts in my mouth.
I could dream of this all day.

More beef slices for hotpot.

Favourite Moscato at the moment; Stella Bella Pink Muscat.

Next up, been wanting to try the Nasi Lemak Ayam Rendang burger so we went to My Burger Lab, Sunway.

Look at that queue!

Finally got ours. We waited for almost 45 minutes for this haha
Well, I liked it but the meat was a bit too much for me because I do not like chicken breast. But other than that, everything was on point.

This is the Flaming Malt Kiss.
It has milo covering the patty. Weird to see it but once our teeth sunk into it, it was amazeballs!!! Can't really describe it until you try it.

One fine day after a client meeting, dropped by New Chapter by The Owl's cafe. Their breakfast menu was superb! Quite reasonably priced and it was a good portion.

Was craving ramen the other day and ended up in Chicken Up, SS15 Subang.

Seafood ramen.

Wine dinner at Gallo Wine Bar, Taman Danau Desa.

Sliced meat with honey dew. Something like Jamon Serano in El Cerdo.

Missed my dessert so we stopped by McD for the all time favourite ice cream haha

Did you know that Thursday is ladies' night in La Bodega?
Yeah me neither until this month. They have free flow of wines and cocktails for ladies from 8pm onwards. We went to the Jalan Telawi Bangsar branch and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

The food was also amazing. We loved it. Only thing was that the environment was a bit smokey with people smoking around us.



Paella which was quite scary looking but tasted fine hehe. The black colour is due to squid ink.

Then, we moved to Wafflemeister across the street.

Waffle was kinda disappointing though.

Milkshake was just okay.

Was at the launch of 'The Estate', a new development in Bangsar South.

I loved their cute canapes.

Super cute chirashi bowl.

Edible charcoal chicken.

Then we headed to Chilli's, BSC.

Missed their nachos!

This cheese dip was da bomb diggity. I could eat this and nachos all day long.

Honey Chipotle chicken was yums.



I actually missed Chilli's food and it has been awhile since I've been to one.

K Street Cafe, SS15 Subang.

I loved their rapokki. The ramen and topokki with the beef was a fulfilling meal.

Their cheese ball plate was also good. The melting cheese was yummy!!

Stopped by Family Mart, a few doors away.

Finally ate their cheesecake and matcha ice cream hehe
I love em both.

Did you know there is a halal speakeasy restaurant in SS15? It is beside Sangkaya. It's called Jibril. They make unique mocktails. It was so fun reading the descriptions on their mocktails menu.

See the huge ice ball in the left one? How cute is that?

You wouldn't guess this drink.
It's teh tarik, gula melaka, Vanilla ice cream and lychee. Turned out not bad at all and in fact I loved it.

Fried snickers!!

These are not even the best part. The best part? The prices are super reasonable. All of the above for RM25. Yes, stop gasping.

And I loved it so muich, we came back the next weekend to try their famous buttermilk chicken.

Oh yummy. A must try!

Orange mocktail. Loved the salt on top that goes well with the drink.

Spectre. Non alcoholic rum with pineapple. Sour but nice.
Love all their mocktails.

This is quite funny.

And guess what? Third time in three weeks >.<

Nojito and Mandela. Nojito was refreshing and Mandela was chocolatey with mint.

Red butter chicken was unfortunately a miss for me. Tasted like topokki chicken to me.

However, buttermilk chicken pasta was sooo good! Love that it was spicy as well. That was the 'kick' to the meal hehe

I was back at Tryst Cafe for their indomie.

Back to Family Mart to get this Onigiri everyone is talking about lol
Ermm tasted okay only lah

But I'm lovin' their 'lok-lok' hehe
The tomyam based soup was really good. Can come here for dinner and so many students actually eat dinner there.

Wine dinner at Cork's Out, TTDI

Had some afternoon tea at ThirtyEight, Grand Hyatt KL

Camomile tea

with Australian Honey

Some fish and chips to munch on

Passion Fruit Cocktail

The highlight we came for was for the dessert!

Chocolate cake with raspberry sorbet. Yummss

The Signature Cake. Loved it <3 

Afternoon tea with a view on a Saturday.

 Watched The Hitman's Bodyguard.

It was a rather funny movie with action packed.
Totally recommend watching this on a lazy weekend with laughter.

And the biggest makeover was my hair!

Bleached and dyed it purplish pink.

Am in loveee <3
And yes my hair kinda died in the process LOL Sorry hair, I will love you more after this.

Beautiful bunch from the Happy Bunch.
I was quite surprised this bunch lasted 2 weeks!

Can't wait to tell you all about my trip next month. Til then, Happy Merdeka!!

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