August 29, 2017

Ayamas Kitchen's range of pastes

I love Malay cuisine. Because I studied in a Malay school and grew up liking Malay food, I cannot live without my nasi lemak, sambal, ayam rendang, masak merah, kurma etc But of course, the place I always go to eat is at Malay shops or tapau from the roadside stall(the best!). 

Well, lucky for me and for you too if you love Malay cuisine, Kedai Ayamas has recently launched its range of cooking pastes and sauce through its shelf product 'Ayamas Kitchen'. Now, you can cook your very own Malay dishes from home without hassle. Transform your normal chicken meal into a variety of Malay dishes, from the rich and traditional Rendang to the mouthwatering Kurma as well as the delicious Masak Merah. Oh, I feel my tummy growling.

They recently held a blogger's party to introduce these pastes and sauces to us.

The 3 pastes; Sos Rendang, Pes Masak Merah and Pes Kurma.
The pastes are conveniently packed with the blends of authentic Malay spices. With the tagline, 'Quick, Easy and Delicious', Ayamas Kitchen's paste makes it easier to re-create traditional food at home, eliminating the stress out of cooking while offering the authentic flavours of Malay cuisine.
Cooking demo to show us how it is done at home.

The pastes are 'sauce concentrates' that can be mixed with water, stock or coconut milk, chopped onions, potatoes or chopped tomatoes to create a delicious gravy for chicken, meat and even seafood dishes in less than 30 minutes. In addition to the pastes, Ayamas Kitchen also introduces its very own chicken stock powder to enhance the natural flavour of your dish.

The final product for us to try:

Kurma chicken.

Rendang chicken.

Ayam Masak Merah.

Rice and nasi himpit to go with the chicken.

And of course not forgetting desserts.

Surprisingly, the paste resembles the authentic sauce. No more tumis-ing your own sauce at home and for working people like us, cooking is made much easier! 
All tasted good but my favourite was the Rendang Chicken! The rendang sauce was very flavourful with its spices. Can't wait for my mom to cook these at home with the pastes hehe

In the midst of eating, managed to play some quiz game and won a prize haha

All working people out there, if you want to save time cooking your favourite Malay dish at home, go and buy the paste! The best thing about it? Ayamas Kitchen Pastes are sold at only RM2.80 per packet!! Each packet is 100g and are available at all Kedai Ayamas outlets.

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