August 24, 2017

Apple Fox Cider has arrived in Malaysia

 Yup you read that right! Apple Fox brings New Zealand Inspired Cider to our shores! I am a fan of ciders because of its sweetness and refreshing taste. Hence, I am super thrilled with the newly launched cider in town. But #WhatTheFox is this drink about? With the introduction of the new Apple Fox Cider, this New Zealand-inspired apple cider ripples your senses with a crisp refreshing taste, made from only good, fresh orchard apples. 

By going into the heart of natural freshness – the orchard – Apple Fox Cider captures the essence of purity from where the freshest apples are grown. Just like a fox hunting in the orchard, this alcoholic cider will steal the hearts of those seeking a brand that stands for straight-up, instant refreshment with a contemporary and bold edge. Perfect for those afternoon pick-ups, Apple Fox Cider injects a much-needed spontaneity to everyday mundane routines.

Inspired by New Zealand cider makers, Apple Fox uses the best-kept secrets of cider making in creating a distinct, refreshing smooth drinking experience, served over ice. Stealthy by nature, the fox has been known to sneak into orchards to hunt for delicious, juicy apples. Apple Fox is stepping in using our wily friends' favourite fruit to craft great tasting apple cider.

Apple Fox Cider contains 4.5% ABV and delivers an instant refreshing taste. Only the freshest and juiciest apples sourced from the finest orchards all over the world are picked to make the cider, ensuring a naturally crisp texture and intense flavour that makes the best tasting cider.

The meticulous process of creating Apple Fox Cider adds to the superior taste of the product. The selection of a perfect mix of crisp and tart apples is the first step in ensuring the unique brand flavour before the milling and pressing process that releases the natural apple juice, which is the basis for the fresh apple taste. On to the fermentation, blending and filtration processes in producing cider that consistently delivers refreshing apple taste.

Apple Fox is available from 11 August 2017 onwards in West Malaysia and available in 320ml cans and 325ml bottles and you may purchase from hypermarkets, supermarkets and convenience stores, also in bars, pubs and restaurants. Apple Fox will penetrate the East Malaysia market in September 2017 onwards.

What the Fox I found in Cold Storage?

Sapu one box for myself first haha

Apple happens to be my favourite fruit since young because I have always believed 'An apple a day keeps the doctor away' hehe So I can now imagine this to be my next favourite drink. It taste just like apple juice but with a tinge of alcohol and drinking this refrigerated cider on a hot day is superrr refreshing!!

A special introductory price from RM5.80 per can will be offered for a limited time to celebrate the launch of Apple Fox Cider in Malaysia.

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