October 28, 2017

October highlight- Yamaguchi Fish Market

October was a little slow on food adventure because was a little busy with work and my surprise adventure in November (stay tuned!)

Nevertheless, as always, below are my food adventure:

Pasta Zanmai.
It has been the longest time since I last ate here. I love egg and egg rice with chicken? Yummeh

New shop opening at Sunway Pyramid- Kiss the Tiramisu.

Normal lah the ice cream- a bit overrated.
But I love the gold glass though. I washed it and brought it back >.<

Have you tried McD's Thai Fish Burger?

I felt like the green curry sauce was not 'kaw' enough. Other than that, feels like a normal fish burger to me.


Oh, had my favourite crabs near my office. (Some chinese shop cannot remember the name)

But they cook the best sauce. This is butter crabs.

This is chilli crabs.

We only ate crabs for dinner HAHA Muy caliente!

And how can I not be at my favourite Jap restaurant, Jyu Raku.

Sashimi salad <3

My craze for samyang noodle is not over hehe

The curry flavour is my latest favourite.

Also, bought the 'Ice' type which I don't think we did it right so it pretty much tasted like the normal spicy.

Softsrve, Sri Petaling.
The soft serve was very flavourful and creamy. I really loved it plus that marshmallow was da bomb.com

Went to Sho Kushiage, loved the food and now I'm back!

Pork with curry ramen.

My fave- Eel with egg broth. So yummy!

We saw this Yamaguchi fish market in FB and thereafter wanted to try this boat sushi so off we went to Kampung Pandan all the way to try it.

It looks huge and spectacular!

 Fresh sashimi and sushi.

We practically finished these off within 15 minutes LOL

There's oyster, scallop, prawns

Fried chicken, lobster, small fish

Sushi, sashimi

More clams.

We also ordered the Alaskan snow crab with steamed egg. Mama mia! It was super delish!

Overall, we had 10 of us so the boat was not enough and we had to add on. I think it would be just fine for 6 people. Give it a try once at least =)

Oh lastly, this baby's breath takes my breath away <3

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