October 23, 2017

Sugao- latest J- beauty makeup series

Rohto-Mentholatum Malaysia has launched its latest brand- Sugao, a Japanese makeup series that draws on naturality, sheer lightness and softness in achieving natural beauty. 

Sugao (素颜),a Japanese word that denotes bare, natural face, offers young women including newbies a soft, tender and light makeup that gives a natural “transparent feeling”. A Japanese based makeup line that exudes an airy, natural, carefree and Asian character, Sugao aims not to only give skin’s natural beauty a boost, but it also hopes to unleash the vibrant and energetic side of each female individual that mirrors the brand’s image, which is young, simple and modern.

Thanks to Sugao, I got my hands on these three babies for review.

The packaging is pink and girly- so like me hehe
I already love the brand through its packaging ^^

Sugao Air Fit CC Cream Moist in 01 Pure Natural, RM 69.90

Formulated with Rohto Patented Air-Fit Technology, the Sugao CC Cream comes in a light soufflé-like texture that provides an amazingly light skin feel that spreads smoothly and evenly on the skin when applied.

The 4-in-1 Sugao Air Fit CC Cream is a powder, makeup base, foundation and also contains SPF23 PA+++, plus it is free of fragrance and alcohol.

Squeeze appropriate amount and gently spread evenly onto the entire face.

It's super lightweight and has a powdery matte effect. Contrary to any other CC Cream, this Air-Fit designed CC Cream covers pores and uneven skin softly with only a thin layer of 0.01mm. At the same time, it absorbs excess sebum on skin surface effectively, which makes it ideal for long hour application and for those with oily skin.

This Air Fit CC Cream (with both smooth and moist options respectively) leaves skin breathable with an airy, beautiful finish while at the same time brightens the skin with soft shades of colours. It also comes with colour-correct powder which diffuses light and creates a soft-focus effect to blur visible pores, fine lines and rough skin.   

Dewy silky smooth finish without sticky feeling. It gives a breathable no makeup feel. The moisturising formula keeps skin hydrated by sealing in essential moisture, making it appear translucent with a smooth finish.

The Air Fit CC Cream is also available in Pink Bright shade that produces a soft-focus effect upon application to give skin a slightly pinkish tone. 

Sugao Cheek and Lip in Brilliant Pink, RM 59.90

Can I just say this packaging is a win haha

Available in 3 colours (i.e. Natual Red, Active Orange & Brilliant Pink), this 2-in-1 hybrid formula can be applied on the cheeks as well as on the lip. 

All you need is just to scoop an adequate amount of the mousse using your fingers and gently touch on the cheeks before applying in a circular motion to blend. 

The result is a tinge of pink on the cheek. The light, fluffy soufflé-like texture melts onto skin for a soft flash of colour. It is formulated with pink bright changeable powder to create a natural rosy cheek. It is not sticky or oily which is perfect for my skin.

You may also apply the Sugao Cheek and Lip on your lip in exchange for a brighter, healthier looking lip effect.

 It has a powdery matte effect which is rather unique from other lip products. I'm loving this souffle like texture.

Sugao Lip Tint in Juicy Red, RM45.90

The Sugao Lip Tint, which are available in 3 different colours, namely Juicy Red, Sweet Pink and Apricot Pink comes in water-like texture that provides a light, comfortable and weightless feel on lips. Sugao Lip Tint is long-lasting and stays on lips without smudging.

Take appropriate amount with applicator and apply onto the centre of the lips and blend the colour outwards.

The result is a semi matte tint on the lips and non sticky. Although it looks rather red in the bottle but it turned out to be quite a subtle hue on the lips.

The Sugao makeup series is available only at selected Watsons outlets. Get your hands on them today!

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