March 8, 2018

Celebrate Women's Day at Da Men Mall, USJ

Today is International Women's Day. In conjunction with this, We Women Market has set up booths at the concourse area of Da Men Mall, USJ with women entrepreneurs displaying their hard work through their products to be sold to public from 8th March 2018 until 11th March 2018. 

There are so many products on display and my hands were itching to buy some of the stuffs there. Most were handcrafted and these are some of the products for sale:

 Colourful handmade designs.

Very intricated details. Some were personally handmade by the owner while some were outsourced.

Handmade women accessories. Women are super talented these days! 

I'm obsessed with these uber cute figurines <3

Look at them!

Floral tea imported from overseas...

...with many health benefits.

Coconut jelly drink which is very refreshing.

My favourite booth is the one where you can personalise passport holders, name cards, clutches etc

Choose your favourite design for your own personalisation.

Aromatherapy locket is quite an 'in' thing now and you can get it at one of the booths!
Zirconia acessories.

 They have marked down the price just for Women's Day to RM199 from the original price of RM998. Plus if you buy 3 designs, you will receive 1 free design.
Another booth that catches my eyes is the paper sculpture art. The owner is so talented that she cuts papers into any of your zodiac animal for gifts, photo frames etc.

Accessories outsourced specifically by the owners and all under RM100 so that it is affordable for everyone!

Batiks are also being sold here. 

Crystal bracelets! 

 Hand made shoes imported from India!

Batik shawl which can be worn inside out or upside down! Yeap, you heard that right hehe
Floor mats and pillowcases imported from Korea. Very beautiful designs handpicked by the owner.

Argan Oil Hair care.

Air plants which is an 'in' thing now to have because they need very little sunlight.

Imported designs from India.

So, do come to Da Men Mall to celebrate all women entrepreneurs and to shop your heart's desire with beautiful products displayed at all booths. It's only until 11th March 2018 so don't miss out!

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