May 2, 2018

April 2018- To a new beginning

April has been quite an exciting month. It is the month of a closure of a chapter and the beginning of a new one. But food adventure must go on HEHE

Tom Dick and Harry's, TTDI

Spicy sausage is yummy for those spicy lovers


LJ Superfoods opened at SS18, Subang Jaya. I was very surprised!!

Nasi Lemak superfood. Not bad. Yummy and fulfilling.

Acai bowl. Healthy and tasty <3
But quite expensive though.

Shook! Starhill Gallery. Their buffet spread for lunch was quite wide.

Sashimi heaven.

More sashimis.

Their Japanese spread section was my favourite.

Can you believe their cheese??

Indian section.

Western section.

Chinese section.


Packed lunch from Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks.

Seafood tempura.

Fried chicken which was quite dry to me.


Did you know Gold Chilli opened in USJ 19 mall?

Butter milk.

Mongolia flavour.
Just as nice as the SS15 one but so much less people.

New drink shop among sooo many others in Sunway Pyramid.

Chai Yo.

Ferrero Rocher cake!!

After all that, I still come back to my favourite kuey teow basah hehe

Mr Dakgalbi in SS15 Courtyard.
It's been a long time and still taste as good.

Finally tried the infamous 'dirty bread' from Donutes, SS15.

Mouth, fingers, hands all became dirty lol. It tasted just like a normal bun to me. Mehh..

Again in Jyu Raku, Subang.

Tuna sashimi <3

Tried the chef made special- foie gras which is officially my favourite at this moment!!

Harvest Ground, Sunway GEO.
Quite a lot of people in this cafe. I was quite surprised. But the food was really good! Highly recommended.

Braised pork rice.

Brunch menu. OMG! I love this mushroom cream, egg and croissant combo. Super creamy, healthy and delicioussss.

Bak Kut Teh at SS14 Subang.

Greyhound Cafe, Mid Valley for dessert.

'Air Bandung' ice hehe

Caramel pudding.

Sushi Zen 5, Kota Kemuning.

I love their sushi and very reasonable pricing.

My favourite is the Japanese omelette.

Go Noodle pan mee. 
My always go to trio dark sauce.

Frog Bang Milk, newly introduced drink in Tea Live. Ermm...tasted like milk? LOL.

BBQ Chicken popcorn from Tea Live. Not really my type.

Spicy steamed fish at Lan Jie, Kota Kemuning. Was surprised that I love this and the both of us just ate this with rice. Because of its spiciness and we are spicy lovers, we finished this whole thing haha. I'm not even a fan of fish!

New pan mee shop at SS14, Subang.

Cups Cafe, Dataran Cheras, Balakong.

Very nice setting.

Beautiful deco.

Hot Chocolate was good!

Pizza. The bread was a bit hard though.

Pesto pasta.


Lamb chop.

Very soft cheesecake.

Tiramisu cake.

Ice cream dessert with cake.


Great environment even for photoshoot hehe

McDonalds finally introduced Nasi Lemak burger in Malaysia.

I actually love it! Had this 2 days in a row =) The sambal is to my liking and I like the chicken fillet with the egg.

My farewell and an end of a chapter.

The Pavlova from Souka, Subang is soo good!

So touched with the pressies!

That was lunch, then dinner at Just Seafood, Sunway Giza.

Buttermilk sauce.

Nasi Lemak Cajun. I would totally recommend this! I love this =)

So it's a start of a new beginning from May onwards. Can't wait for a new adventure!!!

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