June 14, 2018

Go Thai Restaurant- Authentic Thai street food

I absolutely love Thai food. My favourite non Malaysian foreign delicacies has to be Thai food. When I go to Thailand, their food actually makes me feel like home because I am so used to eating Thai food even in Malaysia hehe Especially walking around the streets of Thailand, I can walk along a road and buy a few types of street food there and then ^_^

However, sometimes the restaurants cooking Thai dishes in Malaysia are not authentic. I feel some of it lacks flavour, authenticity and doesn't taste as nice. Fret not, don't need to fly all the way to Thailand just to fix your Thai cravings.

 Go Thai restaurant is here to fix all your Thai cravings with authentic Thai street dishes from Isan, a region in the north-east of Thailand. This is the SS2 branch. There is another one in Atria Mall.

 Mmm...makes my tummy growl. What makes it even more authentic is that the chef is from Thailand! And the ingredients to the kitchen staff; everything is imported from Thailand to give you a real Thai experience.

This is their menu. You can find your favourite Thai food being served here.

Famous Thai appetizers, desserts and drinks. 

All layed out... 

..for me only HAHA jk

Their Thai milk tea is made from the world's famous Thai milk tea brand. So don't worry about it not tasting like the ones you buy in Thailand. Rest assured, this Thai milk tea is authentic! So are the other milk teas. The pandan lemongrass drink is another one to try as it's rather refreshing on a hot day.

You can upsize your drink for only RM1.

  Green curry rice balls. This is very unique like chicken rice balls haha

But it's crispy on the outside and its green curry rice on the inside.

 The rice balls go super well with the green curry broth. It's not very spicy, but sweet and flavourful. I was drinking this and the tom yam broth the whole evening hehe

Kai Jeaw Poo- Michelin star inspired famous crab omelette.
In Thailand, the Michelin star restaurant serves the crab omelette like this and people queue up for 3 hours just to buy this and it costs 1000 baht. However, you can get yours too in Go Thai sans the queue and the high price. Warning: Eat it while it's hot. As we were taking pictures, when it turned cold, it became a bit hard. Eat it right after it's served and it's super yummylicious. It is made out of 90% crab meat and two eggs and since I'm a crab lover, I can see myself coming back for more haha

Phad Ki Mao- famous drunken noodle.
It's like Malaysia's kuey teow noodle. Thai food are super compatible to Malaysian taste buds due to some similarities in cooking. And no, there is no alcohol in it.

   Tom Yum Seafood.
I love spicy tom yum broth and this was perfect. It was spicy, sweet, sour and all flavours combined into a very tasty and delicious dish! I think I almost finished this by myself LOL

Kha Moo- Stewed Pork Leg
Oh my! This was a favourite among us and the very first to finish. The succulent and juicy pork meat with the soy sauce was a win! It was so delicious and I think since it's very similar to a Chinese dish, we loved it very much =)

Classic Tum Thad- chef's special mixed platter
This platter is perfect for sharing with chicken wings, crispy pork skin, salted egg, sausages, noodles and salad. Mix it all together and this was a really good classic Thai dish!

If you come with a group of 4-6 people, it is recommended that you order the 6 star street food set which is the combination of all the above:
-green curry rice balls
-Tum Thad
-crab omelette
-Phad Ki Mao
-stewed pork leg
-Tom Yum seafood

-3 steam rice
-3 pandan lemongrass drinks

ONLY for RM128.00

But wait, if you ask for a 'SPECIAL' 6 star street food set, you will receive the green curry for FREE on top of all of the above. Only those who read this will know about this secret 'SPECIAL' set so do quote this 'SPECIAL' set when you are there =)

More foooddddd for ala carte

Pad Thai (RM11.90)
My fave! I can never not eat Pad Thai when I'm in a Thai restaurant. It's almost a default order hehe The noodles were sweet with a tinge of spice and the omelette was cooked to perfection-softly lying on the noodles.

Phad Mee Korat (RM10.90)
This is a local specialty of a town called “Korat” in the Northeast of Thailand. It is somewhat like Pad Thai. The only difference is the noodle is darker and there is no side mixing of the nuts, the chilli flakes etc like Phad Thai.  

Pinceapple fried rice (RM12.90)
If you are someone who needs rice, I would suggest that don't order white steam rice but do order this pineapple fried rice. The sweet pineapple, raisin and seafood combo makes this another classic win dish.

Another specialty that has not been launched in the menu but will launch soon in July 2018. Can't wait for this! We were the first to try it out =)
Lemongrass chicken wings.
The lemongrass taste is quite strong and I happen to like it. The wings are cooked and marinated very well and it was a hit among us. The wings were grabbed very fast from the plate.

Special glass noodle chicken wings.
Now, this is something very special. I have never seen something like this before. There were glass noodles fried together with the batter and it was crunchy and very filling. This for snacks with a Chang beer would make a good happy hour time ^^

I'm pretty sure this new addition to the menu will be a hit among customers. And they have a line up of other new additions too so do come back every other time to try out new dishes <3

Since it's going to be the holidays soon, why not take the opportunity with the less cars and jam and hop over to Go Thai!

Go Thai (Non halal)
PJ Atria Mall
Lot T25-T28, 3rd Floor, Atria Shopping Gallery,
Damansara Jaya,
Jalan SS22/23, SS22, 47400 PJ, Sel

187, Jalan SS 2/24, 47300 PJ, Sel

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