June 1, 2018

The birthday month of May

May is always an exciting month for me hehe..because it's my birthday month!! And I'm super blessed to be surrounded by my loved ones. I'm always spoiled with good food and this month is no exception to that *laughs*

Let's start with the start of the month where we wanted to try something different for a change. I don't normally go to Chinese restaurant because we have Chinese food at home lol but walking by, it looks interesting.

798 Rice Bucket in Sunway Pyramid
The cheese baked rice is like the Wong Kok one and it's super sinful! Love the cheesy cream and the corn.

Wantan mee.
Actually, I'd rather eat this at those kopitiam shops!

Dessert which was included in the set.

There was a Magnum event at Sunway Pyramid concourse and you get a free Magnum when you play a game.
My free ice cream!

2 Magnum ice creams hehehe *glutton*

We also went wedding fairs after fairs and they have quite nice goodies in the fair to please bride-to-bes like me ^_^

Bouquet from Everydayflowers

Handpicked this arrangement =)

Softserve in a food truck.

TJ Haus at SS18, Subang
I was quite shocked that for almost 3 years plus working so near this area and didn't even know this European restaurant existed.

But the fountain a bit obscene...

Crispy duck


I must say the food was delicious. The setting was very cozy and was really surprised that it was quite packed.

Back at Skillet 163, KL. This is starting to be our favourite restaurant.

Specialty coffee.

Lychee tea,

Complimentary appetizer. 
Thai salad with green curry foam 

Complimentary bread.

Foie gras <3

Lamb loin with Bak Kut Teh foam. Yes, you heard that right. Bak Kut Teh foam haha

Early birthday celebration =)

Love the macadamia chocolate dessert. Super yummy.

Finished with drinks nearby at Beta.

Cocktails to end the night.

This is the most sinful lunch I've had!
Nasi kandar at Pelita. Gosh, felt so guilty afterwards haha

We went to a food truck area near Taylor's college one of the days. Love getting different food menus from different food trucks so we can have a variety of taste.


Durian milkshake. Hmm..it was alright.

Wings from Cowboys Food Truck.

Then, election day came. Did you vote??

I did =) and every vote makes a change and it did!

Voted and got discount for Inside Scoop ice cream hehe

Dirty roll from Donutes. I prefer the Dirty Bread.

Coconut soft serve from Family Mart. Not bad actually.

Visited Harvest Ground, Sunway again.

Japanese curry with chicken. We totally wiped out the curry and the egg haha

Man Tao with chicken and sweet potato fries.

Eggette with jackfruit and coconut ice cream.

I must say, their food never disappoint.

These tiny bottles are so cute! It's from Taiwan.

We had a celebration at Grand Imperial restaurant, Hartamas

Pecking duck.

Mmm yummy!

Soon Hock! Super expensive but soo delicious.

Fried sotong which was such a fail.

Bbq pork ribs.

Food was overall average but the price was quite expensive I must say.

We had the most amazing dinner at a restaurant at Arked Esplanade, Bukit Jalil. Full on crabs for the night which was mega. Mega in size, mega in taste and overall made us mega full hahaha
Kam Heong.

Look at the size of it.

Buttermilk flavour.
Both were equally yummy and I would totally revisit just for the crabs <3

Tried the new Poke Lab at Empire Shopping Gallery.

Most sauces were unavailable but nevertheless it was still a fulfilling meal. Once in awhile, I like to eat healthy too hehe

Hot Wings! Forever favourite wings with their signature sauce.

Lobster inari from a sushi shop at Empire <3

Was feeling guilty from all the food and wanted to detox a bit.

So I blended half an avocado, added soya milk, chia seeds, banana and honey and I got a milkshake! Meal replacement.

Yay! Beautiful birthday flowers <3

Rakuzen at SS15 courtyard.
Japanese omelette!

My salmon sashimi set. I was super full by then!

But there's still dessert hehe

Ramadhan buffet at Hotel Empire, Subang

Crabbsss overload. I took so much it was so worth my money HAHAHA


Red velvet

Choc cake.

Chocolate fondue =)

There's even popcorn.

Oh, this was a fan favourite.

Sup gear box. 


Cake overload that day haha

The next day,
More cakeeee

BR ice cream is my favourite =)

Night time dinner at K Fry, IOI City Mall Putrajaya
This was samyeang noodles in a restaurant lol

This was super sinful!

Look at the cheese.

After rolling the chicken with cheese, it was sooo yummy! Will definitely recommend this place.

Bottle and Boar, Subang Jaya

Their sausages are a good beer snack.

Salad was good too.

Pulled pork with man tou. This is a MUST TRY! We loved this!

I also took some time for a vacation at Club Med, Cherating. At first sight, it seems great that this place has everything and you do not need to go elsewhere and all you need to do is just stay there and relax and everything is catered for you at Club Med. 

The beach was peaceful and serene because it's private and not many people =)

However, I have to say I was largely disappointed with my overall stay at Club Med, Cherating.

The rooms were old, unclean and small for the price we paid. Room service was horrible. We asked for room slippers and they did not arrive. We asked for 3 water bottles and only 2 came. I mean, what kind of service is this? The bar people were not very friendly, sometimes they were unhelpful. I did not pay RM1,2xx for 3 days 2 nights to get some lousy service. Some things were arranged beforehand but it did not happen when we arrived. I think because the place was huge that there were miscommunication between them.

The toilets were separated between the bathing area and for peeing. I felt kinda weird LOL

The food I must say was below par.
Some desserts were almost not edible.

Looks nice...but...

The good thing is alcohol was free flow until 12am HAHA

Tequila shots everyone! I was on gin and tonic this whole trip hehehe

Other than the clear blue skies and water, I was quite unhappy with the overall stay because I was in charge with organising this trip and the people at Club Med sometimes weren't helpful and unhappy to serve. But luckily I have great companions to ease the vacation heheh...

Beautiful serene walk in between.

Away from the beach is the Zen Pool.

Rembulan restaurant must be booked at 8.30am on the day before the dinner. We had to queue to get booking at Rembulan and it is a sit down somewhat fine dining dinner.


Beef salami.

Tom Yam Goong.



Creme Brulee.

I must say the night events in Club Med were quite happening.

The performances were awesome and we really enjoyed all the performances.

We even celebrated my super early birthday there =) 

I don't think I will come back again unfortunately. Club Med, you really disappointed me ='(

However, that aside, I still enjoyed my companions there and I did have a very eventful month! It was a month with all new things- new environment, new job, new responsibilities and of course a new age hehehe but still young at heart =p I really am very blessed to be surrounded with people I love and I am truly thankful for all the efforts made in making my birthday a special month =) I can't wait for what lies ahead of me. I reckon this year will be a very special year for me leading towards my big day <3

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