April 11, 2019

NESCAFÉ GOLD experiential cafe

As the world’s leading and preferred coffee brand, NESCAFÉ has been committed to remaining relevant in people’s lives by creating memorable moments through coffee for over 80 years in Malaysia. Staying true to this, the brand just unveiled its new look and concept for its NESCAFÉ GOLD range at The Square, Publika, reaffirming its authentic, accessible premium appeal and ensuring the continued relevance of the brand with consumers. 

NESCAFÉ GOLD continues to be crafted with care; from the careful selection of mountain grown Arabica beans, to the perfect roasting process which unlocks the best coffee aroma and flavour. The result is a blend that delivers the signature Golden aroma and taste that Malaysian consumers love. The launch of the new look is built on the brand’s commitment towards ensuring that its high-quality products are crafted with care.

It is expertly crafted through a careful process that preserves the brand’s unique smoothness and finesse. This results in a perfectly balanced cup of coffee. This idea of balance and renewal is also captured by the new NESCAFÉ GOLD range look and expressed through an appealing packaging design. Accompanied by a simplified and striking graphic design of brushed Gold; the new Signature look offers aficionados a unique vision of the NESCAFÉ GOLD coffee experience combining subtlety and sensorial pleasure.

To complement the launch, NESCAFÉ developed the brand-new NESCAFÉ GOLD experiential container café providing visitors with a sensory experience showcasing the brand’s expertise in crafting premium quality coffee for the moments that matter, allowing them to have unique coffee experience while understanding more on NESCAFÉ GOLD’s expertise in coffee craftsmanship. Guests also had the chance to participate in interactive activities such as ‘Barista of the Day’ with the NESCAFÉ GOLD Barista Machine which was also showcased, providing a super convenient way of making and enjoying café-style coffee at home in a very simple way. 

 I'm not really a coffee lover, but surprisingly I could even drink this NESCAFÉ GOLD in long black. The aroma is very strong and will wake you instantly and the Arabica beans blend delivers a signature smooth taste that a premium coffee offers.

The NESCAFÉ GOLD experiential container café is located at The Square, Publika until April 14, before visiting MyTOWN, Cheras, from April 19 till May 5 for visitors to experience and many other locations in the weeks to come. 

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