October 22, 2020

Dyson Corrale review

Argghh imagine my excitement when I saw what was in my parcel <3
Every girl's coveted dream- the Dyson Corrale!!

The sleek black and fuchsia design, the velvety pouch, the magnetic cord, the cordless straightener, gosh to be able to have it in my possession was a dream come true!

Luckily, I did not buy the airwrap because then it would be too much. I was trying to get my hands on the airwrap previously but was fidgeting because I don't really curl my hair often plus it needs to be done on semi wet hair and I love blow drying my hair and only when I go out, I like to do a quick styling. So the Corrale was a perfect match for me =)

It can either be used cordless or corded.

Best to fully charge first and then style on dry hair. It takes around 40 minutes to fully charge.

The best part about the Dyson Corrale to me is definitely the cordless feature. One thing is because my dresser table is already fully packed and to have a corded straightener just messes everything up like my current one. So, this is a breath of fresh air. I can charge the Corrale at a different table and just bring it to my dresser with no cord interfering. Easy peasy. 

Since my hair is my crowning glory, I love to keep it well kempt especially during travels. Sometimes, airbnb do not provide hairdryer(the horror!) and it's the worst to have dried unblown unruly hair. This Corrale would definitely be a lifesaver especially during travelling. However,  it is on the heavy side and it can only be brought on hand carry as it has lithium batteries. But, anything for beauty, right?

As for the weight, it can tire hands if you have very long hair and need longer time for styling. I have shorter hair, and I found it super fast to style my hair be it curl or straight. Yes, I could even curl my hair easily with a straightener(my first time!). Plus, after full charge, I can use for styling at least 2-3 times before charging it. Again, this is for short hair just at shoulder length.

It's very user friendly with only 3 heat settings(165, 185 and 210 degrees) and it charges very fast. Upon pressing the 'ON' button, it takes around 30 seconds to heat up to be ready for use. The tip of the straightener is not very hot to touch during styling as well even when using the highest heat function. So I can be assured to not burn my hand during styling. 

The results?


Super satisfied! I can do either the curling effect or straighten my hair. It's super easy to use and only took barely 5 minutes on each sides. Because the flexing plates gathers the hair easily at one go so it doesn't need to run through many times to get the effect.  I absolutely love the shiny and smooth effect. Although it uses heat, but it doesn't dry up and damage my hair.

Dyson is the best in terms of technology.  Hence, why I understand Dyson products are definitely on the higher side of price. You cannot have high tech AND a cheap price. So, in the end, I would conclude that if you really use the Corrale on a day to day basis, this is a good investment. However, if it's just for special occasion and to be kept in the dust bag until something special pops up to use the Corrale, I would suggest not. Me? I'm definitely a daily user of this Corrale!  I was sold at first touch =)

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