October 25, 2021

Restaurant Seoul Korea Taman Desa review

 I have heard so much about this restaurant yet there's not enough written reviews about it. Plus, they do not have any social media presence BUT be prepared to queue when dining in because they do not accept reservations.

This is Restaurant Seoul Korea at Taman Danau Desa. Not helpful that their name is so common that when you type in google or instagram to find anything about it, it brings you to literally Seoul Korea LOL. But anyway, since I have heard rave reviews about it from my friends, I just had to try and one fine day, we did and queued up to dine there haha. Note: We never queue to dine anywhere because I feel it's a waste of time, but somehow we did and was it worth the wait? Hell yeah!

Their prices aren't exactly cheap. But why people still patronise this restaurant? It's because of their banchan (side dishes)! They have so many variety of banchan with unlimited free refill! Yes, you can get full just by eating the banchans haha

This and more! So many types and they are not stingy with their refills.

They will bbq for you so don't sweat it! Just enjoy the banchan while they cook. 
This is the Fresh Ribeye (RM92).

Not exactly cheap but so damn good. I'm salivating looking at this haha.

Pork belly marinated in spicy home made sauce (RM36).

Another winner. I would really recommend the pork belly and ribeye for 2 person and that's all you need with the refillable banchans.

We ordered soju to go with it and so cute it came with a kettle because they mixed with cucumbers in it. Oh my, perfect drink to go with the meats. 

Love love it! If only they accept reservations, I would be back. Might come back when it's not peak hours.

Restaurant Seoul Korea
1-1 Plaza Danau 2, 
2, Jalan 3/109f, Taman Danau Desa, 
58100 Kuala Lumpur
Opening hours: 12pm-10pm (last call 9pm)
[Subject to further changes]

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