November 1, 2022

Sugoi Mart- one stop shop for all things Japan

 Sugoi Mart was created by Japan Crate as a one-stop shop for all things Japan! Since some of you are still afraid to travel due to Covid, you can still enjoy part of Japan by shopping with Sugoi Mart who ships worldwide.

Sugoi Mart features the latest, seasonal, and limited-edition items sold exclusively in Japan! Stay up-to-date with the newest Japanese products with Sugoi Mart. They sell a ton of all things Japanese- such as Japan snacks & candies, drinks, beauty products, anime, toys & games! I was overwhelmed with the amount of things but was very interested in their Lucky Bags!

Sugoi Mart very kindly sent me 2 of their Lucky Bags which I am very excited to share the contents with all of you!

The first was the Sugoi Mart Japan Kit Kats Variety Pack.

I am a big fan of Kit Kat. It's my favourite chocolate for snacking and when I received this package, I was super excited because these are flavours which we aren't able to try in Malaysia as they are not available.

Kit Kats in Japan has tons of different exclusive flavors and amazing packaging. I have always wanted to try all these unique different flavours. This Japanese Kit Kat Variety Pack lets you try 20 different Japanese Kit Kat flavors in one pack! This pack contains 60 individual pieces of Japan Kit Kats in total, consisting of 20 Japan exclusive flavors! 

There are 60 individual pieces consisting of 20 random Japan Kit Kat flavors from below:

-Japanese Dark Chocolate
-Frozen Cookies and Cream
-Chocolate Orange
-Sweet Potato
-Salt Lemon
-Whole Grain Biscuit
-Rich Matcha
-Japanese Plum
-Matcha Tiramisu
-White Chocolate
-Mont Blanc
-Strawberry Milk
-Coffee Break Mild Choco
-Matcha Latte
-White Peach
-Banana Caramel
-White Chocolate with Salt
-Special Souvenir Flavors

My family & friends were all excited! I get to share so many Kit Kats with them <3

These are my favourite flavours which are MUST-TRY in my opinion.

Salt Lemon.

Cookies & Cream.


Chocolate Orange.


The next Lucky Bag is Sugoi Mart Survival Kit.

Each box contains a wide assortment of the following snacks and items which is a variety of:

-Delicious meal kits
-Full-sized instant ramen bowls
-Instant Japanese soups
-Flavored rice kits
-Dried snacks
-Furikake rice seasonings
-Canned mystery foods

Waaa I've got so many food items. 

For lunch one of the days, I used these to make a super simple lunch.
From this... this! 
It was delicious. It was so easy to heat up the rice and fish and you only need hot water to make the miso soup and the rest are dried food. Simple yet fulfilling =)

It was also my first time making onigiri hehe!

I got to try with this packet where I just needed to pour in boiling water.
It turned out a success hahaha
It was yummy too with just the right amount of seasoning.

One thing about the products are that the description and instructions are all in Japanese. But not to worry because we can now Google Translate everything. So, I translated everything into English and followed the instructions.

Thank you so much Sugoi Mart for spoiling me <3

Add on items into your cart with $200 worth of products and it will automatically have free shipping!
They typically fulfill orders within 5-7 business days but I got mine within 3 business days.
Visit Sugoi Mart to shop all things Japanese!

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