November 16, 2022

Sushi Oribe Omakase

 Sushi Oribe is one of the most best rated omakase in KL. However, this is my first ever time trying haha. After countless reviews from friends, I decided to bite the bullet, drove through the jam and rain and try Sushi Oribe Omakase. I took the Mino Omakase at sushi counter for 2 pax.

The environment was cozy, comfy and the staff were all nice and friendly but I must say, the chefs were very enthusiastic and they seem to enjoy what they are doing which makes the whole omakase experience less serious and an enjoyable experience as a whole.

We started with an appetizer bowl.

Then the chef grated fresh ginger for us. I love the pickled ginger in normal sushi restaurant but this was way nicer and crunchy!

First sushi of the day. Hirame- Flounder

Shima Aji-Amber Jack


Sea Eel

Ainame- Fat Greenling

Kamasu- Japanese Barracuda



Kinmedai- Golden Redeyes Snapper.

Sushi roll with uni.

Buri- Adult yellow tail

Harakami Otoro

Engawa- Flounder Fin

Mouth cleansing platter.
Wasabi spinach.


Miso soup.

Cholesterol bowl or as the chef says; nasi campur hahaha


Yuzu tea.


Chef Hiro attended to us and he was super friendly!

Most of the sushi melted in my mouth and I couldn't ask for more. For RM328++, I think it's one of the reasonably priced omakase in town. I think it was very value for money and honestly, we were full at the end. The whole omakase experience with the lovely chef was very much enjoyable. If you like a light hearted environment, not so serious like other places, fantastic melt in your mouth sushi, then I think you can consider Sushi Oribe. The reviews were true and not an overrated place.

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