June 28, 2014

Bloop Anti Bacterial Hand Gel

I received the cutest package from HiShop recently! It's Bloop's Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel.

Bloop recently launched a new series of Anti-Bacterial Hand Gels which is called GERM BLASTER!

Germ Blaster is your health warrior to kill bacteria blasting 99.9% of Germs! It is essential for all of us to have one in hand to keep the germs away & create a hygienic environment!

The hand gel gets dirty hands clean and leaves skin lightly scented.

There are 5 Germ Blasters which are:
 Professor, Fuzzy, Dancing, Traveller & Loving.

Mine is the yellow one: FUZZY!

Just squeeze some on your palm and rub hands together and wash it off.
After that, smell those scented hands hehe The fragrance smell wonderful!
It does not produce bubble so it is easily washed off.

Collect all 5 germ blasters in one pack with one adorable Christmas holder for FREE!
The anti-bacterial hand gel set (29ml x 5) cost RM24.50
You can place each one at different locations such as the office, room, in the bag, etc etc

There are 5 different cute Christmas Theme Design holders available!

Get your own pack of germ blaster today with 15% discount just for 'Dreamer' readers. In fact shop anything in Hishop and get a special 15% discount. Just use the discount code: ESTHERLKE

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