February 13, 2015

Highlight of Malaysian festivity-FOOD!

You know Chinese New Year is around the corner when you start hearing the loud shouts during 'lou sang', getting invites after invites for food gathering, eating more food after food and at the end of the day, the weighing scale suffers -_-

I'm at that point, even before Chinese New Year even started, have eaten one too many yee sang, wayy too much seafood and in a sudden fear that my Chinese New Year dress won't fit. People are starting to point out that I've been gaining weight seeing how clothes are a bit more tight *cries* *wails*

The cause of my weight gaining?
Highlights of some of the food gatherings

Probably my fourth one this month

Yee Sang

Lobster with yee mee.

Probably the best champagne I have ever tasted
*cant even pronounce*

Gigantic mushrooms!!

Scallops with prawns and vege.

Steamed fish.

Roasted crispy skin duck with paratha! *yums*

on top of Alaskan crabs and prawns, squids and many others *rubs tummy*
It has been a rather full month (tummy wise) hehe
Unfortunately, I'm a bit allergic to seafood if eaten in big portions so I had to stop myself from taking too much seafood LOL but sometimes I can't help myself and I'll just have to deal with those allergies later on -_-

That sums up half of my month before Chinese New Year. When CNY approaches, I can't even imagine how much more food will go into my stomach haha
Okay, diet starts tomorrow!

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