February 22, 2015

Krabi, Thailand

Spent last weekend in Krabi, Thailand.
Just like all beaches, it was sandy, touristy and a sea of blue water.
Just what I needed!

The beach and environment is similar to Kuta beach, Bali only cleaner and less packed.

It was a great time spent relaxing and chilling by the beachside. 

We stayed at Ao Nang which is the busier beach than Railay.
At Ao Nang you can get more food stalls, bars and more tourists as compared to Railay. Railay has limited things and is a 15 minutes boat ride from Ao Nang.

Ao Nang is a 45 minutes to 1 hour drive from Krabi airport.

Watching the sunset by the beach.

You can either go for island hopping or do ground activities in Krabi.
There's not much to shop so if you're looking for a shopping hub, Krabi is not the place.
You can do extreme activities like hiking, rock climbing, etc or snorkelling, kayaking in the water or if you're just there to relax like me, you can opt for trekking with the elephant and take a tailboat to Railay beach to chill.

Trekking with elephant ended with a bath with the elephant hehe.

Braided my hair. It's my first time so I chose to only have 3 braids rather than braid the entire head.
It can last for weeks if taken care properly. 

Did my manicure as well in time for Chinese New Year hehe

Overall Krabi was a good short getaway trip.
It's a good break from reality for awhile xx

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