February 10, 2015

Ido's Revlite facial laser treatment

Remember my post on Ido's clinic?

Well, I'm back to try out their Revlite laser treatment to whiten, brighten and even out my skin tone! Read more about it HERE

For this laser treatment, it must be done by a doctor so do make an appointment that coincides with a doctor's presence at Ido's.

Dr. Gan attended to me and he was super friendly and made me feel comfortable.

The laser was not that painful but of course, you could definitely feel it.
Doctor told me that certain people cannot tolerate the treatment although the pain effect is supposed to be mild.
I braved through it because no pain, no gain right? Hehe
It helped that Dr. Gan talked to me throughout the procedure. He made me feel at ease to distract my pain receptors. It was only rather a bit more painful at the upper mouth and nose part. I was almost holding my breath at those parts but he did it quickly.

You could feel some burning smell but that's just normal. Overall, the entire procedure took no longer than 15 minutes. It was quite a quick procedure with no recovery time. But the effect was immediate.

The thing about this laser treatment is that it whitens your facial hair so that your entire face will look brighter and fairer.

Left(BEFORE), Right (AFTER)
As you can see from the comparison picture, my face immediately seem fairer.

After 1 week, my face seem glowing with radiance.

1 treatment would not be long lasting so a few treatments are needed for long term.
Interested to try out their Revlite laser treatment?

For more info: visit Ido's FB page

Update: My Second Visit


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