May 6, 2015

Ido's Revlite facial laser treatment

I'm back at Ido's for a second Revlite laser treatment. Read about my first time HERE.

So, as always I'm very concerned about my pores due to my oily skin. So I consulted the doctor once again and mentioned about my pores and she told me that she would laser more around my pores area to tighten it. The laser would activate collagen in my skin to reduce my pore size.

Selfie in the consultation room before the laser treatment hehe

The second time around wasn't that bad. I already knew the pain effect so I was prepared for it. Besides, the procedure didn't take long. It's only around 10-15 minutes.

Since after laser, my skin would be dry, I was recommended to have the MEDKARE facial wrap for added whitening and anti-ageing results.

Three ampoules being mixed together to form a solution to be applied on my face with a facial wrap. The rest of the leftover solution was given to me in this small tub to be brought home to be used three days after the facial.
Price: RM106(inclusive GST)


Left(before), Right (after)
With the laser treatment and the MEDKARE aftercare, the pores on my forehead shrunk, my skin is brighter and overall less oily.

I was very happy with the results. This is only the second time with the laser treatment and I could see vast improvements in my skin.

(no edit)
My overall skin condition improved and much brighter looking ^^

The Revlite laser treatment costs RM600 per session.
Please consult Ido's trained specialists for further information.

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