May 31, 2015

Ido's Clinic

I am of no stranger to Ido's Clinic. Been there many times and was there again for another blogger's event. Dr Chia was there again to talk to us and this time it was more of a chit chat session to talk about any skin problems that has been troubling us. He answered our questions and told us many medical terms which we lay people are not aware of. It was a very informative session.

Thereafter, there was demo session of the different types of treatment provided by Ido's Clinic. All are non invasive treatment which means no surgery is needed. 

One of it is the Carbon Peel Laser Treatment.

The carbon deep cleanses the pores making skin feel rejuvenated and thoroughly cleansed. Laser beam is focused on the face covered by a thin layer of carbon to purge pores, exfoliate skin and reduce bacteria load. It has instant whitening effects.

Next is the Fractionol Laser designed for lifting of skin. Erbium Glass CO2 Laser is used to stimulate collagen for skin tightening, scar treatment, stretched mark reduction and improvement of pigmentation.

HIFU [High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound] is the newest technology in Ido's which is also designed for skin lifting to make customers look younger. This is more painful because the laser goes deep down into skin.

    HIFU is a technology that uses focal ultrasound heat to penetrate into the target depth of 4.5mm at the layer of superficial muscular aponeurotic system (SMAS) of the face. It stimulates collagen synthesis and remodeling thus increases the skin elasticity. Besides that, the heat generated by HIFU causes contraction of SMAS with the facial muscle and skin, giving a facial lifting and tightening effect.

   Results include: 

    1. Improves and tightens sagging skin. 
    2. Reduces double chin and aging neck lines. 
    3. Reduces nasolabial fold. 
    4. Skin rejuvenation, improves skin complexion and elasticity.

    Areas for HIFU treatment include: forehead, tear trough (below eyes), zygomatic area, apple cheek, cheek bone, chin and neck.

We also get to see a Dysport injection done on the face. Dysport has the similar effects like Botox, only cheaper and longer lasting but the effect is not immediate.

It's a super fast procedure. Only in a matter of minutes and makes you look younger without frown lines.

Then, the most fun part was making our very own skincare!

We get to choose what combination of products we prefer and what colour our skincare looks like =)
All products have been tested previously and it can all be safely combined.

This is the mini chart for reference.

I was making my very own toner.

So I chose a combination of serums. I was looking very serious in mixing the serums hahaha

Was smelling the essential oil for my toner to smell nice =)

Ta-dah! My very own pink toner hehe

Another blogger made a purple moisturiser hehe
It looks odd but hey not everyday you get to choose your own moisturiser's colour LOL

Dr Chia and his wife, both the models in the posters when they were younger hehe

With the other bloggers!

Thank you Ido's for a fun filled event!

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