May 1, 2015

Of being a dessert-a-holic

I don't know if there's such a word, but I'm a self proclaimed dessert-a-holic haha

So I was sick in the beginning of last week, nursing a bad sore throat and headache

Doctor's order- medication and rest

So, after recovering I was on a roll with a week full of desserts haha

First up, do you know Home Town steamboat restaurant has a fondue platter? For RM20 you get a very fulling platter of 10 scoops of ice cream, fruits, tit bits and of course, melted chocolate in between. Yummeh and it's very fulfilling!

Hah! Who could resist Starbucks Buy 1 Free 1 offer? Hehe 
Dark Mocha Panna Cotta on the left and Cotton Candy Frappucino on the right.
Not a fan of the Dark Mocha because it's layered with Italian style pudding and drinking pudding with dark mocha felt weird. Cotton Candy just tastes like Strawberry milkshake.

Moving on, we caught Avengers in One Utama, so decided to drop by 'Just Pie'.
Are you a fan of pies? I'm not until I started tasting these small stores in malls selling yummy pies.

Chicken Cheese pie (RM8.40)
This tasted so good and one pie is even enough for brunch! It's quite a decent portion filled with stuffings that melts in your mouth with a burst of flavours. The crust was thin and it's heated before serving making it a perfect meal.

Red Velvet pie (RM 13.70)
I couldn't resist anything with red velvet. Since I've never tried a red velvet pie before, I had to get this haha It tasted great but the base crumb was a bit hard. Quite pricey as well.

For pie lovers, this is definitely one to try,

After watching the Avengers, we went to Franco, Ground Floor, old wing of One Utama. I heard quite good reviews on this so I decided to try it out myself. It is a fusion of French and Japanese delivering casual fine dining cuisine.

Spaghetti Yumeina (RM27.17)
Their 'secret' broth with mushrooms, ham and a poached egg broken in it made it a very juicy pasta. It's a plate big enough for two!

Franco French Toast (RM16.79)
My my, this is one French toast made in heaven haha. I have never tasted any French toast which is this good. The bread was soft and fluffy with maple syrup dripping and the whipped cream was the cream of the crop! This is a MUST TRY in Franco. 

Another must try is their carbonara which looked really yummy and their desserts.
Pricing is a bit steep but definitely worth it.

Ending the post with beautiful blue Iris ordered from 'Happy Bunch' =)
Beautiful surprise at work ^^

Aren't they gorgeous?

A very 'full' week indeed hehe


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