November 26, 2014

Beauty without knife with Ido's Clinic

Ido's Clinic, Puchong Setiawalk recently held a beauty bloggers' event to introduce to us that we can be beautiful without going under the knife. You know how plastic surgery is widely controversial these days? People go through hours of surgery and ended up with swollen faces and long recovery time? Well, Ido's is here to let all of you know about their "Beauty without knife" concept. You don't have to go through painful surgery to be beautiful anymore ^^

Ido's Clinic took up to 3 floors at Puchong Setiawalk so it's quite huge.

Ido's Clinic is a comprehensive chain of skin, laser and aesthetic clinics focusing on evidence-based, state of the art lasers and aesthetic innovations to restore and enhance your skin, face and body. Ido's Clinic is where beauty, art and medicine become one.

The place was decorated with balloons for the event =)

And of course yummy treats for us!

Ms. Cherlyn, Marketing Manager of Ido's Clinic welcomed us.

We had our first activity of treasure hunt! Everyone was rushing everywhere to find either products/vouchers to take home hehe

I found mine behind a wall painting LOL

Then, Dr. Lucas Chia, Ido's in house doctor, talked to us about aesthetics treatments without knife.
He showed us various pictures of plastic surgeries that went wrong which can actually only be fixed by a few botox injections or filler. It is much less painful and less recovery time. Skin laser treatment is also widely recommended which is less painful and with immediate effect.

Ido's Clinic motto:
1. Non Surgical treatment
2. Non to minimal downtime
3. Clinically proven, evidence based procedures
4. State of the art laser technology
5. Affordable and cost saving plan
6. Make you look better, not different

After that, we were given live demonstrations on how Ido's Clinic go about making people beautiful without undergoing complicated surgery. 

Dr. Leong doing the laser treatment to improve skin's condition.

Her skin has an immediate whitening and brightening effect.
I will be trying this treatment so look out for my review on this =)

Then, Dr. Lucas Chia performed a nose filler procedure. 

It was quite painful to watch but the 'patient' said, it was not that painful LOL
Looking at Dr. Chia poking through the nose and injecting it with filler to have the 'nose bridge' effect was quite scary but the results was amazinggg


Her nose bridge is so much more visible and she can have that 'high nose' that all girls love to have =)
That procedure took 5 minutes only with no recovery time at all! How awesome is that??

Then, one of the bloggers wanted to try the peeling treatment and her wish was granted!
The treatment is brushed on the skin and only after 6 hours, it can be washed off and slowly skin will start peeling to reveal new and fresh skin after.

So, there are so many procedures that can be done without going under the knife. Now, with new technologies and advanced treatments, we can all be beautiful without going through painful surgeries =)

<3 Ido's Clinic

With all the beauty bloggers!

Ido's Clinic provide various services for face, body, wellness, hair and skin.With the support of their training academy and cutting edge Skin Care R&D laboratories and Manufacturing Support both in Malaysia and Singapore, they stand out to be one of the very few centres in the region that have the unrivalled capacity to deliver their proprietary innovative medical grade skin care for your aesthetic care. You are guaranteed that only the finest treatments and products are offered to you.

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