November 7, 2014

Kawaii Kracie ^^

On Halloween, instead of going full demonish and horror like, Kracie decided to hold a Kawaii event at Fullhouse, Sunway Pyramid where bloggers from The Butterfly Project were invited to witness the cuteness of the brand and the fruity smell of its haircare range.

Kracie is from Japan hence the Japanese words. 

The haircare range!
Packaging are so cute and the scent are addictive. Everything smells so fruity and nice.

Closer look at the haircare range:

With Fish and our picture props <3

Our table with all the other kawaii girls.

With Patricia.

Tammy, founder of The Butterfly Project with her bluish green hair in line with the Kawaii theme <3

Emcee of the day

Mr. Kenko from Japan who speaks better Mandarin than me(shame on me) who was so friendly and funny explaining Kracie's brand history to us.

She is also from Japan explaining the haircare product range which is called Ichikami. Ichikami means 'Hair comes first'

I love the hair styling water! It is lightweight and makes your hair smells wonderful instantly.

Hair demo using the Ichikami range.

Kracie does not only sell hair products but also face masks!
The face masks range is called Hadabisei.

Mr. Kenko was the face model hehe

Look at the glowing face after taking off the mask haha

Now, some introduction of the products:

The Ichikami range consist of Smooth Care Line(for tangled, frizzy, permed, coloured, oily and stiff hair), Moist Care Line(for brittle, split ends, dry and dull hair) and Special Care item.

Smooth Care Line(black colour)

Moist Care Line(orange colour)

Special Care range.

I'm using the Smooth Care Line to improve smoothness of hair while repairing damages. It's fantastic for me since I have dyed hair and it's a bit dry and damaged.

Ichikami signature ingredient is rice. Yes, rice! This secret came from the Japanese women in the olden age where they didn't have any technology to create shampoo and so they washed their hair with rice instead and found out how smooth their hair were after that.

Conditioner(left) and Shampoo(right)

Smoothing Hair treatment.

This treatment really helps rejuvenate my hair and treats it.

Hair Styling Jelly for straight hair.

It's a lightweight gel.

Just comb through hair with the gel and if you want, use a straightener to further style it straight.

Smells amazingggg! The combination of the Smooth Care shampoo and conditioner plus the Hair Styling Jelly. The Smooth Care line contains pure Japanese Botanical Premium Essence and Sakura/Cherry Blossom scent =)

Hair is straighter and less ruly.


Wa-la! Healthier, straighter looking red hair hehe

Next is Hadabisei aka face masks range.

What's in a huge packet?

30 pieces of masks!
This is the first time I've seen so many pieces of masks in one pack. Normally, we buy individual packs but this is different. So anytime you want to use, just take one out and reseal the packet.

You can use this daily. It seems, some Japanese girls love this all in 1 mask so much that they even use it twice a day!

After taking if off, pat the leftover essence on the skin and feel the difference! Skin feels smooth, moisturised and glowing.

Kracie has eye masks as well.

Again, this eye mask is different from what we're used to seeing. It's like a wet tissue box inside and when you want to use it, just peel the opening and pull two pieces of eye masks and reseal it. 

Apply just right under the eyes.

Kracie masks gave my skin a healthy glow!

Thank you Kracie for an amazing event with all the butterflies.

Currently, Kracie is available at all Aeon Wellness store, namely, 

Mid Valley, Bandar Utama, Taman Maluri, Taman Equine, Queensbay, Bandar Sunway, Bukit Indah, Mahkota cheras, Permas Jaya, AU2, Bukit Tinggi, Kulai, Bandaraya Malacca, Metro Prima, Subang Jaya, Bangsar South, Penang Prai, Ipoh Station 18, Bandar Puchong, Bukit Mertajam, Wangsa Maju, River City, Alpha Angle, Quill City, IOI Putrajaya Citymall, Taiping Mall, Tropicana City Mall,etc.

Go and get your hands on the cute and fragrant Kracie products today!!

Pictures by Me and The Butterfly Project

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