November 25, 2014

Women in suits

I used to think suits are more suitable for men and that women should just stick to skirts/dresses. However, I was proven wrong when I had to dress up formal in pants with a coat and the air of sophistication exuded from the confidence in suit is very empowering! I'm starting to understand now why some women love pantsuits especially in this modern days where women take control.

Emma Watson back to basics in a black and white suit.

Maggie Q seems business ladylike in a navy suit.

Scarlett Johansson turned it up a notch with a siren red suit.

Kate Upton looking chic and sophisticated in a white suit.

The trick to women pulling off a pant suit? Definitely the heels and the skinnies! The skinnier the trousers and the higher the heels the better!

So, whad'ya think? Women in suit? Thumbs up or thumbs down?
Thumbs up for me hehe!

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