July 18, 2015

Selamat Hari Raya!

Hi guys!! To those who are celebrating, wishing you Selamat Hari Raya and safe trips back to your kampung!

I was soo looking forward to this holiday because firstly, I'm not celebrating(which means more time to rest! yay) and secondly, it has been quite awhile since I took any break from work. Anyways...it has been a month of food, food and food! I mean I know I was not fasting, but when you're a Malaysian, every festival is a food festival LOL

During the Malay fasting month, I went to quite a few buka puasa event and I think I've gained a few KGs from all the food! It was also great to catch up with sooo many people <3 The below are mostly pics of the people I got to catch up with rather than the food because I ate and forget to take pictures of the food HAHA

The Carousell event was held at Mango Chilli, Bangsar Nexus where we were given an insight on how Carousell started up.

With Maple

With the co-founder of Carousell

Crazy selfies...

Then Buka Puasa with P1 at Holiday Villa, Glenmarie.

Photobooth pictures.

I quite love the traditional baju kurung. Wore the one on the left for the event.

Goody bag with a box of yummy chocs!!

I was also at Grand Dorsett, Neway and other private functions for their buffet spread. I think all the buffets were the highlights of my month hahaha...I managed to try every single serving and wallop all kinds of desserts >.< I don't know why I'm greedy like that LOL I've had so much fun eating and am now suffering the consequences of shedding the weight hehe

I hope all of you are enjoying the festivity and here's to stuffing myself with more ketupat, lemang, rendang....hmmm yumms!

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  1. agreee!! every festival is a food festival, hahha.

    I saw myself here.thank you!! Love u much2!