July 4, 2015

Trip to the Dentist

The last I went to the dentist was.... 3 years ago.
That's how much I love dentist's appointment =p

I was having some toothache when I chew my food so I figured ahhh it's that time to visit the dentist again. I don't know, there's something about dentists' equipment that scares me. A doctor's visit is not too bad. But dentist is a whole different story haha

Maybe I'm just being paranoid from childhood memories where I had to pull a few milk teeth to make space for my permanent teeth to grow. I mean those injections, teeth pulling, blood...okay I digress.

This time around, I thought it was cavity. So no biggie, the dentist will just cover the cavity and that's about it. Hmm...no. It was a gum infection and he had to clean the gum and ended up scaling the entire mouth -_- (with lots of blood...) and make a slit on the gum to remove the infection (yes I know you don't want to hear this) Haha

And I ended up with these...


Like seriously antibiotics for 5 DAYS!!
I don't even take that many antibiotics when I had a high fever -___-

Urgh, just for a gum infection >.<

But, it's okay. After that, it's time to chomp down food at a buffet Ramadhan.

Guys..the buffet spread at Grand Dorsett, Subang was sooo yummylicious!
I practically stuffed everything down my tummy *burps*
My colleagues were shocked that I could even eat that much...even with a gum infection LOL
Good food is definitely my weakness hehe

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