December 15, 2015

Ipoh trip

Another food trip again! Wow, I think this is the year I travelled the most and the year I gained most weight haha >.<

This time we went to Ipoh. Ipoh is famous for its chicken rice but there are so many other food to explore. We had curry mee, seafood, etc and all the restaurants we went were famous restaurant and we needed to line up! Like really, during the weekend, people crowd famous restaurants just to have a meal.

These are some worth sharing:   

Dim Sum at Foh San restaurant.
The dim sum there were yummylicious. We ate so much til everyone were soo full!
But the restaurant was so crowded and we needed to line up for the dim sum >.<

Another queue for tau foo fa and soya milk at a road side stall.
Two scoops of tau foo fa only gulped down within 30 seconds. We queued longer than that LOL

Yummy salted egg yolk custard bun!!

Ice Ball!
This is such a unique dessert. I saw some girls having this and I was like- I want that too! Haha and we had to queue up for like 15-20 minutes just for this =.=
Just suck the ice ball for flavour but be fast before it melts all over.

Salted Baked Chicken at Aun Kheng Lim.
We had to line up to buy this and opened it up there and then.
Though it was smoking hot, we jumped right in and tore the whole chicken apart and finished it off within minutes hehe This was finger licking good! And it only costs RM19 for one chicken.

Then we went sight seeing at Kellie's Castle.

It was a half built castle building with a history attached to it.

The story was a bit complicated and the building was filled with flies so I didn't really manage to read the whole history LOL

Went right up the rooftop of the castle for an amazing view!

And lastly, my very proud henna hehe

This shop sells dreamcatchers but does henna drawing as well. One of the sample drawings had 'Dreamer' and I couldn't resist myself to have one on my arm for my blog <3

Now, it's my blog's header! Yayyy...a customised blog header hehe

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