December 4, 2015

Mojo Nail Cafe

I absolutely love my girly time doing manicure and pedicure to pamper myself =)
And what more, if you get to do nails at the same time enjoy some tit bits or drinks! Let me introduce you to the newest concept of having a nail salon and cafe all in one at your convenience!

Mojo Nail Cafe, a neighbourhood salon situated at SS2 is not only a place to pamper your nails but also a cafe which serves food or it can be an events space for birthday parties, bachelorette party etc where you can have food served and do your nails with your closest girlfriends ^^

When I stepped into the place, the place was new, cozy, clean and very well furnished <3

The nail area

The cafe area

It is very spacious and definitely a great place to organise a party here!

Of course, the main attraction is the nails and the area is filled with so many colour polish and sample nail arts! 

Gorgeous! I wish I can be artsy like that!

I was there to get my manicure and pedicure done. It's nail pampering time after a long hiatus hehe

Nail cutting, shaping and cuticle removal.


Scrub and massage.

Time to choose my favourite colours!
I was feeling all glittery that day so I chose glitter, sparkling colours =)

Base coat application with OPI colour application.

I chose the down most left for my toe nails and down second left for my fingernails.

Drying time!

You may have your pampering time with a sip of drink from the cafe. I was having a slight sore throat that day so I just took water.

Hand pampering time.

Scrub and massage.

Cuticle removing and shaping.

OPI coat application.

Ta-dah...end results! I had a good pampering nail time.
All shiny and glittery in the dark ^^ 

Love all that glitters. Makes me cheerful and happy hehe

There's also a photobooth area to selfie as well. There are various props which can assist you in your selfie pics hehe

Do drop by at Mojo Nail Cafe either for your fortnightly pampering session, to grab a bite or to organise a party.   

They are having a promotion for spa manicure and pedicure at only RM100
Gel manicure and pedicure is also at RM100

Mojo Nail Cafe
NO.105 (First Floor), Jalan SS 2/24
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
03-7863 0510

Call to book your appointment today.

For more information: Mojo FB page

Thank you Mojo Nail Cafe for having me <3

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