December 11, 2015

Murad - See your sun damage

Murad recently held a 'See Your Sun Damage' Workshop to create awareness on the damage sun can do to your skin. It was an eye opener, really on the amount of damage sun can do to your skin! Do you know that just 5-7 minutes in the sun can cause skin damage? Therefore, prevention is better than cure. To prevent, you need to protect your skin when you're out in the sun. It's time to slap on those SPFs!

The speaker of the day spoke to us about how Murad products can protect us from sun damage.

Introduction: Dr Murad created the first doctor brand in America.
For a lover of Murad brand, I can honestly say, this is the best doctor brand I have tried. I love using Murad products as it's very suitable for my skin.

All Murad formulations have been based on the Murad recipe to promote and protect skin health at the cellular level through a unique and rich mix of:

- Anti- inflammation (to calm irritated skin)
-Antioxidants (Neutralize free radical activity)
-Hydration (Attract water to the skin)

All Murad products are colour coded as well.
Choose the coloured product which best suit your skin. Mine is the pink for Pore Reform.

This is what we need! Environmental shield in orange colour to protect our skin from sun damage. All products in this range consist of:
-Resilient- C Complex
-Skin Repair System

This range lightens pigmentation caused by UV exposure, protects and and the same time repairs skin.

The more you expose your skin to sun with no protection, it will result in pigmentation disorders forming:
-Melasma(brown pigment)
-Lentigens (solar freckles)
-Hyperpigmentation (brown spots)
-Hypopigmentation (white patches or spots)

All Murad products for facial in their stores are vacuumed packed to protect the active ingredients. Only upon doing your facial, they will mix the products together so their products are always fresh on your skin. The Vitamin C facial is good to boost the skin up if the skin is damaged as as result of UV exposure.

Learnt about what UVA and UVB is.

SPF in sunblocks target UVB rays while PA++ targets UVA rays.

Beautifully said and I find it to be very true =)

Murad brought in high technology equipment all the way from US to show how sun damages our skin.

This camera shows what is skin deep.
If you have terrible sun damage, it will clearly show freckles in the skin.

The best part is the result of sunblock on the skin. Once applied, skin will appear very black in the camera. This shows how powerful sun block is for the skin and how much protection it gives. If the skin is thoroughly black, it means you have protected your skin enough and can now be exposed to the sun hehe

This is also another equipment to penetrate deep into skin to see any damage which cannot be seen on the outer skin layer. It is so high tech that it can even fast forward 5 years into the future and see how damage skin can be if not protected properly. My pigmentation is starting to form so I think I need to slap on more sunblock in my daily life LOL

We managed to try out a few of Murad products and how to apply on skin in our daily skincare regime.

Thanks Murad for the awesome goodies!! Christmas came early for us hehe

Group picture!!

Thanks Murad for the wonderful knowledge. I promise myself from now on to protect my skin daily by using sunblock all the time. Don't be lazy and never leave house without sunblock application!

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