March 14, 2016

3CE duo color face blush

3CE Makeup brand is a hugely popular brand from Korea. If you're a big fan of Korean makeup, you cannot miss out 3CE as one of its top brand.
It's a huge relief that this brand is now available in Malaysia!

Thanks to, I managed to get my hands on this beautiful duo color face blush!

True to its name, it's a 2 in 1 blush.

It is compact, lightweight and easy to handle.

2 beautiful colours to form a mash of hue on the cheek.

I picked Creme De Violette because of its unique lavender hue and with a blend of pink, it creates a youthful glow on the cheeks.

Firstly, swatches of the individual colour shows a matte powdery texture. It is highly pigmented so be careful not to swipe too much on the cheek otherwise it becomes unnatural.

Now, it's time to test the blend on the cheek.
The fine powder glides smoothly on the cheek without "crumbling" or "falling out".

The lavender hue brightens up the apple of the cheek and the blend of pink adds a healthy glow.
Absolutely love the mash of colours! This is quickly becoming my newest favourite blush =)

 A before and after picture shows how just a swipe or two of blush makes a difference in brightening up the skin.

It's not everyday that you see a lavender blush being sold but I think 3CE found a very unique colour in the mixture which is quickly becoming one of its bestseller. The colours complement each other to create a long lasting glow.

A radiant, healthy flush, perfect for a day out!
3CE never fail to disappoint me with their products =')

I'm bringing this compact blush everywhere with me hehe!

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