March 19, 2016

Paintball experience

I have always wanted to play paintball but haven't gotten the chance up until last week. I finally got to tick one sports off my list(it's not that many anyway because I'm not a sporty type). I always thought it would be fun to go through obstacles and shoot people LOL

The only thing I was scared of was getting bruised. As you know, I bruise very very easily. And I've heard many of my friends who played before, telling me, that if you get shot, you will definitely bruise because it hits fast and hard.

I went prepared to be bruised here and there haha because it was my first time and I have never played nor held a gun before. I wore double layer(one t shirt inside and a long sleeved shirt outside) with long pants to really guard my body hehe

The aim of the game was to either "kill" all of your opponents or touch their base, whichever the faster. Actually, the games ended quite fast. On a team of 5 against 5, it can easily finish within 5 to 10 minutes. Once you get just one shot, you're out.

So we played four games and my team did not bad for amateurs. We won twice and lost twice. In the first round, I wasn't really sure what to do so I just "main" shooting at anyone without aiming LOL Hid behind a bean bag and started shooting and tried to run forward before getting shot at -____-

Wah, the first shot was the most painful! The impact was hard and I was shot right below my neck. Luckily, I had a vest on and I wore double layer so no bruise. But you could really feel it and when the paint splashed, it splashed on my mouth and mask so I was pretty shocked in the first round haha

Knowing the impact and pain, I was very very cautious in the next 3 rounds haha. I just stood behind and be all defensive mode. While my other teammates run to move forward to touch the opponent's base, my job was to "kill" as many opponents. I did not bad lah. Although my aiming not that good, manage to 'kill' quite a few people and at one point even shot someone on the head *sorry ah*

It is very important to wear your mask at all times in the field. Werd Training Facility(literally WTF), Bandar Bukit Puchong was very very serious in their safety measures which I really liked. If you got shot, immediately move to the side but DO NOT take off your mask until you leave the field. Paint pallettes were flying everywhere and if it hits your head without a mask, it is very dangerous. It can even blind you.

Out of four games, I got shot twice. The first shot and the second shot was on my leg so I did not bad actually. No bad bruises and I survived!! Yay! I had a lot of fun and it was good strategising with teammates, communicating, be a good sport and best of all, avoid getting shot! 

One thing was the weather these day is so HOT and it really wore me down. The gun was also heavy so was nursing my right hand awhile but was very proud of myself for avoiding bad bruises as a first timer hehe

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