March 12, 2016

Gods of Egypt

 I have never liked watching mythical olden days type of movies. Initially, when I heard of this movie title, Gods of Egypt, I didn't think much of it. My thoughts were desert, boring army fights, sand, pyramid and the likes.

However, caught by surprise, this movie was quite entertaining and I liked it! It has action, adventure, a touch of humour, good looking people(ahem) and just nice to have me on the edge of my seat until end.

It is basically a "fantasy" film with Kings having God-like powers, transforming into their respective animals while fighting and I must say, the animation was great. The fusion of animation and real life world plus the fights was quite a good guilty pleasure of a movie.

Gerard Butler was the bad guy, Set and this movie revolves around him taking over the Egyptian empire by killing his brother and seizing the throne from his nephew, Horus. Horus would have to gain back his empire and power by defeating Set with the help of his friends.

This movie has not much of a storyline. It's pretty much built on mythology so don't try to comprehend anything haha. It's basically a laid back Sunday type of movie with your kids and family for leisure.

I didn't think I would actually like Egyptian settings, but the whole scenery and fashion was very easy on the eyes. For the guys, heads up, check out Hathor, Horus' love hehe She's quite a hottie and as for the girls, they are many hot hunks in the movie ^_^

My rating: 3 and a half stars

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