May 2, 2016

From the north to the south

 Travelled to Penang and then down to Singapore all within a week!

I was so beaten up after coming back from Singapore that I knocked out and slept like a baby the next day. But really, the travelling up to north and the walking in Singapore, really tore my body. I feel old.

Let's start with my journey to Penang. So we drove up north. Took us around 5 hours- what with all the stops to nibble on snacks. Speaking of that, I think I gained 3-4kg within this week -.-

We booked a double storey house through airbnb(it's soo convenient and it's the place to go for accommodation now whenever we travel!) Such a huge place for all 7 of us and we were very comfortable there.

The amount of food we ate on the way, in Penang and on the way back is enormous! I cannot imagine how one can even digest that much but we did LOL. 

Anyway, some highlights:

Crabs at Nasi Kandar Line Clear!
That was the most delicious, juiciest and meaty crab I have ever eaten. Yummers!

Rojak Pasembur.
Good for tea time.

Sup Torpedo.
Do you know what is this?
It's cow's penis' soup LMAO
I dare not eat the penis but the soup tasted like normal sup kambing. You should try whenever you're in Penang hehe *fear factor*

One of the most expensive ice cream we had haha
Godiva ice cream. Premium chocolate ice cream. Atas a bit =p

Came back late and the very next day had to go to work. Was trying to finish up everything before I left to Singapore so was quite exhausted at work.

Took the earliest flight to Singapore on Thursday and had to wake up at 5.30am.
Slept before the plane took off and woke up when the plane touched down in Changi airport LOL. Was dead tired but was so excited for my shopping adventure in Singapore hehe

The first place we shopped was at Bugis Street. Cheap clothes can be found there. The prices were between the range of 10SGD to 30SGD. Had so much fun buying clothes and exploring the place. Thereafter, we went to Big Box Shopping Mall. It's like a super huge convenience store but sells stuffs at cheaper prices. However, I didn't think clothes there were cheap because it's around 30SGD and above so I didn't really manage to shop much there. Next to it was Jem Shopping Complex and we explored the mall as well. Altogether, we went to 3 shopping malls in a day!

Not forgetting that nearby our accommodation, there's another mall called Waterway Point Mall. We shopped for blueberries at Fairprice and then went home haha. Damn were we tired! But man was I impressed with their public transportation. No hiccups using the MRT and buses unlike Malaysia. The MRT comes on time and it's so efficient and although I'm a newbie, I didn't get lost using it by myself!

First day haul!

The next day was more of a sightseeing day.
Went to Alive Museum at Suntec.

They had numerous art work and were really beautiful to take pictures with.

Then, we went to Gardens by the Bay for the Tulips fair =)
The garden is paradise on earth! So many beautiful flowers with bright colours and it's just amazing how it was planted and designed. The entire garden was a world by itself!

Beautiful panoramic view.

At night there was a light show so wait for it while you're there.

Thereafter, we went to Marina Bay shopping mall.

Nibbled at Pizzeria Mozza co-owned by one of the widely known Masterchef, Joe Bastianich.

Cheese with cherry tomatoes and basil. I know it looked simple and it's just cheese but my oh my, this is one of the highly rated appetizers there and it's a MUST TRY!

Bacon with chicken liver.
Another great appetizer! The bacon was crispy and yummy.

We then headed to Gordon Ramsay's restaurant, Bread Street Kitchen.

Pork slider burger and pan seared scallops.
The pan seared scallops was a winner! So juicy and pan seared to perfection.
The pork slider could have been better if it was less hard.

We were so full by then and headed back.

Oh wait, before that I was happy I managed to find Lush at Suntec and bought 1 bath bomb, shampoo bar and soap bar. It was not cheap but through reviews, I hope it's worth it hehe
My entire bag smells like Lush when I came home and after exposing it in the bathroom, the entire bathroom is Lush scent hehe It's so aromatic <3

The next day, we went to Orchard.

Ate at Wild Honey and boy was the food yummy!

Eggs Benedict.
You cannot go wrong with portobello mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and runny eggs.

Bacon and egg sandwich.
The melted cheese was heaven.

Walked the famous orchard street and all high end brands lol

Laduree! So pweetyy
Yes, seeing this picture made me realise that I didn't bring a big enough luggage bag to Singapore.

Bought a bag and sunnies here.

Bought like 15 Ben's Cookies haha

When I was walking that damn KLIA 2 super far journey towards the exit, I regretted not checking my bag in because I was walking with 3 bags on me and was dying from out of energy >.<

Anyway, digress. More food to come!
Diet starts tomorrow.

Ben & Jerry's.
I'm in love! I absolutely love ice cream desserts and the salted caramel was heaven in my mouth!

London Fat Duck buns.

Black Pepper duck.
Delicious. Highly recommended for tea time.

Do you know you can customise your own burger in McD Singapore?
Yeah, I just found out too haha

Kueh chap.
Another interestingly delicious meal. Chee Cheong Fun in soy sauce and pork, egg and tauhu.

You know I haven't found something I dislike in Singapore lol
I tried Singapore Chicken Rice, sweet carrot cake, bak chor mee and all were super yummy!
I cannot see the weighing scale now >.<

But to counter that, I did walk ALOT!

When I reached KL, I felt like I needed new legs LOL
My knees were hurting, my toes were having blisters, my shoulders were strained from all the bags I had to carry and I was cursing my way through KLIA 2 because not only we were prohibited from using trolleys at certain areas, but some escalators were not working and I felt like I was walking forever to no end -.-

Overall, it was a superr tiring but fun week.
So much fun adventuring and sharing memories with loved ones.
Now, back to work, back to reality haha

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