May 29, 2016

Quater century old

A year older, a year wiser they said.
A year older, a year fatter, me thinks.

Food adventure in the last 2 weeks.

Peek-a-boo cafe, Bukit Jalil featuring cute tortoros hehe

Food was good, dessert yums, ambience was cozy and photo taking booth with all the tortoros makes a recommended cafe haha

The Morning After in Ativo Plaza.
Eggs Benedict was disappointing though.

And then I went on a crabs spree:

Fei Fei Crab Restaurant, Kepong.
Yeah, you heard that right. Went all the way to Kepong to eat crabs haha.
But it was really good! *thumbs up*

Crazy Crabs at Oasis, Ara Damansara.
Ohh my! Crabs were H-U-G-E! The spicy chilli sauce was a burst of flavours in my mouth, overall finger licking good!

Just Seafood, Kota Damansara.
Concept is similar to Shell Out. The seafood was yums!

The crabs were even more yummers! Spicy salted baked crabs was da bomb!
Picture taken from their website because our hands were so dirty couldn't take any pics hehe.
Nothing could beat Just Seafood crabs! Came here last birthday and was here to celebrate again. This one gives Crazy Crabs a run for their money. 
Might be back again next year =p

A whole tub of Sangkaya ice cream just for meeee <3

Fat Fish, Mont Kiara.
As their tagline says, if it's any fresher, it would be alive.
Barachirashi and Chuka Hotate was so fresh and my tummy approves!

Clam aglio olio.

My goodness, mouth watering super fresh salmon sashimi.

Key Lime pie for dessert at J & D Espresso.

Cafe Cafe, KL.
Fettucine with truffles sauce

Duck confit.
Looks simple but was cooked to perfection!

Ice cream with mixed nuts.

Creme Brulee.
Cafe Cafe deemed one of the most romantic restaurant in KL definitely lived up to its expectations I must say. Nuff' said.

And sooo much more food! I'm turning into a real foodie hehe
I just love tasting good food everywhere with great company.

My wish this year is...
To eat more good food and lose weight

*crosses fingers* haha

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