June 14, 2016

Iphone SE

I hate big phones and I hate bulky phones.

I lovee small handy phone which I'm able to pocket in my pocket or in my clutch without it jutting out or too big for my hand.

And so, what fits perfectly??

The Iphone SE!!

In rose gold- no less ^_^

I really wanted another phone with the same size as the Iphone 5 (because I love my Iphone 5 so much and really stucked to it even after the screen has broken) and my dream came true with the launch of SE hehe I was actually on the verge of buying an Iphone 5s if I couldn't find a phone of that size anymore.

Since Iphone 6 was bigger in size and Iphone 6 Plus was a giant, I halted buying a new phone for quite some time until I saw the Iphone SE launched and I fell in love <3

After a one day research about the specs and the plan, I decided to buy on the same day without delay. I hesitated awhile because it might have been too rash but I thought, I was desperate for a new phone and just bought it right away.

Besides, I am using 2 phones and with the Samsung S5 already a big phone, I really wanted a smaller handy phone. Iphone SE is really the cheapest among its range and the specs is exactly like an Iphone 6. However, because of its smaller screen, it is more efficient and can be faster than an Iphone 6 ^_^

The camera has had one of the biggest overhauls, now coming with the 12MP with the front camera offering a clearer and faster autofocus, the improved two-tone flash and Live Photos, where a small amount of video is captured with every photo taken.

The power of the iPhone SE is something to behold as well - it's as powerful as the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus thanks to having the new A9 chip, the M9 co-processor and 2GB of RAM.

The new technology in phone these days...fingerprint ID

The battery lifespan is amazing. It's one of the problems people have with smartphones nowadays and I cannot be carrying 2 phones AND a power bank around. So luckily the Iphone SE's battery span last longer even with a full day usage and I hope it stays that way for a long time.

For 64GB, you can easily get it for RM2,200.00 which is absolutely worth the money rather than the Iphone 6 plus which is ridiculously priced IMHO.

Yes, amazing things can happen with the Iphone SE haha

If you're still in the subset of people that craves for smaller size phones like me, this is definitely the phone for you! I am sold!

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