June 7, 2016

More food - Malacca again!

The last year when I was in Malacca, we had much adventure near Jonker Street and discovered so much food there! This time around, I was back with a different group of friends to taste the Baba Nyonya food  =)

Kuih-muih and beehoon for brekkie!

Best onde-onde I have ever tried. Home made and the gula melaka just melts in your mouth. Yummy! We bought like 70 of these back for our families LOL

Chicken rice ball!

I was never a fan of chicken rice ball and the last round was a big disappointment. This time, it was pretty decent but I must say I am still more of a chicken rice (without the ball) fan haha

Aunty Koh Cendol

Super loongg queue! And we queued up for half an hour under the hot piercing sun before the aunty said, 'Cendol habis!' -_-
So we went to Klebang instead. I mean Klebang has super long line also but won't finish so fast lah and the service is much faster in Klebang.

I am back at The Daily Fix!

English Breakfast tea with super cute 'tea bag'

Love the fluffy pancake!

Nyonya food for dinner!

Tong Peh chicken, cili garam fish and vege and soup.

Cili garam is yummy!

Couldn't get Aunty Koh cendol so Aunty Lee's cendol pun bolehlah!

Estadia hotel is nice and cozy and reasonably priced with a great variety breakfast spread but they really need to do something about sound proofing because the walls are super thin.

Famous pineapple tarts can be found at 'Bee Bee'

Homemade pineapple tarts!
You have to book before you come otherwise it's sold out every other day.

We really did find some good food gems this time around because our 'tour guide' is from Malacca and thanks to her, she knows places to go for great food. We went to Jonker but gave up halfway because it was wayyy too crowded to a point people were stepping on each other. So, we decided to not be a 'tourist' and instead go for less crowded places hehe

Definitely one of the most relaxing weekend break!

On a different note, was at Gogi King Korean Barbeque the night before Malacca and the food was not as nice as hyped up in all those social media. But just a shout out to the corn cheese which was absolutely delicious!

We had like 3 of these!
Crazy yummy haha but pricey as it costed RM20 for one and it's not that much in one plate.

And that ends my birthday month with loads of food, fun and laughter with my loved ones =)
Thank you all for the memories <3 xx