July 24, 2016

Realash results in 30 days!

Remember my introduction to Realash Eyelash Enhancer and Brow Conditioner?

Well, time flies and it has been 30 days of constant usage and here I am excited to show all of you the results.

Without fail, every night for the past 30 days, I religiously applied the Realash Eyelash Enhancer on the tip of my eyelashes. Actually, one 3 ml bottle can last for 3 months. I still have quite a lot left after 1 month. However, if you wish to maintain the increased lash density, you might need one more bottle.

If you forget to apply the enhancer, do it the following evening. However, remember that only systematic application is the key to success. If you miss more than one application, the time in which you will see the results will be longer. There is no added benefit to using Realash more than once a day. Extra applications will not accelerate the process of regeneration.

Here are the amazing results:

Middle- After 14 days
Below- After 30 days

After 14 days you will see your lashes fortified, conditioned and with added volume. After 21 days the results is more prominent and after 30 days, very visible results is seen. When you achieve the desired results, it is recommended to use Realash two or three times a week to maintain healthier-looking lashes and keep protecting them from breakage.

My lashes have definitely gorwn longer than before and I love applying mascara these days because it really looks like I had fake eyelashes on. I actually had a few people thinking twice along the way when some asked if I had fake eyelashes on haha they didn't know my secret is Realash =p

My eyelashes are also stronger with few falling out after removing my mascara. Previously, it's fragile and can easily fall off after wiping off my eye makeup. My eyelashes are also thicker because I can sometimes feel it scratchy.

Because I have tried Realash before, I had no doubt about it's results. Only because of innovation, now I can have longer lashes with a shorter amount of time. I truly trust Realash in producing results and it's my number one go to for eyelash care!

As for Brow by Realash, treatment with Brow lasts minimum 8-12 weeks. However, after just 5 weeks, I managed to see some results.

Top- Before
Below- After 30+ days

My brows are a bit thicker than before. I could create a thicker and more prominent brow for a night out as a result. I love thick brows because it defines my face shape. Will definitely continue using it to achiever optimal results in 8-12 weeks =)

Both products are best before 6 months after it has been opened for the first time. We always want the best hygiene especially when it's concerning our most important feature of our body.

These amazing results are proven and if you have problems with your eyelashes being not long enough or barely there eyebrows, this is definitely the product to go to.

Thank you Realash for making me beautiful =)

For more info, visit http://www.realash.my/
Go visit and get one for yourself today and see the difference!

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